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  1. How many tubes actually got sent out.
  2. I have moderate acne and ive only been on the regimen for 4 weeks now and I have noticed a huge diff. If it didnt work for you than you did one of 2 things wrong. 1 you applyed it like a sissy. 2 you didnt use it long enough Get a life.
  3. Cutie, you dont have to answer to anybody. If you had moderate/sever acne at one time and your regimen worked for you i belive you. I to at one time had horrible acne, I broke out on all parts of my face and the acne pretty much took over my face. After being on a regimen for some time it got it under control so I know what your talking about. Alot of these people are just frustrated they cant do the same.
  4. If you shave dry your going to get razor burn and iritate your acne. People use shaving cream for a reason.
  5. Just ran out of the On-The-Spot Ceam. I have the proactive Repair lotion that has 2.5 BP in it and I have 10% Clearasil BP. Could I use either of those 2 until I get some more.
  6. When I apply BP I put on a lot, I spread it out lightly. I Do one area at a time like instructed but by the time im done I have a mask of the BP on my face. Little by little it absorbs into my face. Is This this ok. In Dans video he is really rubbin his face. If I rubbed my face like that I would aggrevate me acne. So is this method Im useing alright.
  7. I have been on your regimen for 4 days now. I have noticed that I have gotten alot of white heads on my problom areas. I usually get white heads than they go away in a week, than more come and so on. After useing the BP I have gotten alot so I am thinking the BP is clearing them all out of my skin or something like that because I really dont get this many white heads at once. Have you ever seen or heard of something like this? I read your suppose to get a break out at the 2 week point but i
  8. Hello, im going to the derm tomorrow and i am going to ask for Tazorac. Is this the strogest topical acne medicine?
  9. I have been prescribed Retin A Gel 0.01 and it kept me clear for a while but Ive started breaking out again. It is week 10 now and im supose to be seeing full results soon, but Im still breaking out. When I go in to the derm office and tell them the gell didnt work to great, what should I ask for? I am not to familiar with topical medications so I really dont know what to ask him for, I want something that is stronger. I break out on my checks chin. My dad wont let me get accuatane no matter ho
  10. Use Purpose Moisturizer in the morning. Use Lever 2000 or another mild soap 30 minutes before application of retin A
  11. Its actually clearing me up quite well. Hope it lasts.