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  1. Hey Guys! I have been off Accutane for over 6 months now and am happy to report that I have not had any big break outs since then (whew!) That being said, I do still have some red marks which are really hard to cover up. In the grand scheme of things, they are minor, but they are so annoying! I did Accutane so that I could roll out of bed and not worry about makeup... yet here I am, every day, covering red marks instead of acne. I have been using apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a toner every m
  2. Thanks for the comment! I really just want everyone to know the potential side effects and be able to be happy :) ...And for anyone that read that whole thing and might be interested... I'm still with Dark Eyes
  3. Hey ladies, I have some interesting information for you! Your doctor probably warned you about Accutane possibly causing/triggering depression or anxiety, I know mine did. Of course, the rate of this occurring is actually about 1%, so it's pretty uncommon. And yet, maybe you're feeling like you are one of the unlucky few that has fallen into this category. Just bad luck, right? The problem is, however, that doctors often don't tell you that hormonal birth control can cause these side eff
  4. I appreciate your concern, and I genuinely am sorry for all of the problems this drug has caused you. That being said, I don't think Accutane should be gotten rid of altogether. I DO think that it should be restricted to people over 18 years old, because oftentimes teens don't grasp the seriousness of it or are actually pushed into taking it by their parent. I'm sorry that you had no support system. As someone that has dealt with depression and anxiety for almost a decade, I can tell you that
  5. Everyone reacts differently to accutane, but for me and what seems to be the large majority, the first 1-3 months are the worst. I broke out everywhere on my face for almost 4 months :S But i think that's relatively unusual, many people only break out for 1-2 months. I definitely recommend going to the higher dosage sooner than later, since i was on 20mg for about 2 months and broke out soooo much until I was bumped up to 40mg. Of course, listen to what your derm says though. I only take my 40m
  6. Hey ladies, I'm a 23 yo female on month 6 of 40mg/day of Accutane. I actually only take it every few days now because it's hard on my body, but it's working miracles and I'm happy with the results. So I am (technically) sexually active. I was seeing someone right up until I went on Accutane and that was all good. But I am now seeing someone else, while on Accutane, and things are kind of getting serious. The thing is, Accutane pretty much robs my body of all fluids. I try to drink a lot o
  7. Before i was on Accutane, a few years ago, I went off the pill. I had really nice skin at the time and figured the pill had contributed all it could and I didn't need to take it anymore. Well, when I stopped taking it I had one of the worst breakout of my entire life! I had to right back on it. The derm told me it was what is known as "post-pill breakout". Well now I'm on Accutane and almost completed me entire course. I no longer breakout at all, I'm just staying on it on a low dose for a
  8. OMG IT ACTUALLY WORKED THANK YOU SO MUCH Ahhh, I have been slathering on vaseline, polysporin, vitamin e, and aloe for MONTHS and nothing! It completely healed within 24 hours! That is just wow, amazing. I hate my derm for not recommending this. I couldn't even take my accutane regularly because of the painful cuts in the corners of my mouth! Now I can get back on track! I only got 0.5% hydrocortizone ointment but it worked! Love it!!
  9. I was still breaking out into my fourth month. Stopped breaking out at about 120 days in or so. It does end! As for redness/inflammation, I found mixing ginger powder with a bit of water to make a paste and applying to my face for 20 minutes helped a lot. Ginger is a natural cure for inflammation
  10. THANK YOU! I'm going to buy some right now. I have had to stop taking accutane because of how broken the corners of my mouth would get! I hope this works as well for me!! I'll let you know
  11. I definitely broke out well into my third month. I was at about day 70-80 when I started clearing. You're in the home stretch! Think positive! As for the rashes, Glaxal Base cream gets rid of mine. I get it on the backs of my hands, and it's basically like exema. You can buy that cream anywhere and it's cheap, especially in large quantities. It's great for sensitive skin.
  12. I tried to get in to see a different derm but the waiting list is NINE MONTHS! And that is the shortest one! The other one was TWO YEARS! And the rest just aren't even accepting new patients. I'm just going through the GP now. It doesn't seem to be a big deal. I still get my blood work done and go for check ups, he's just not a specialist. I basically have no active acne now I still have lots of red marks, but they are definitely fading fast. The GP told me to not use anything that reduc
  13. Hey all, So my blood work came back and my GP said they were totally fine, but my Derm said that the AST (liver function) levels were to high... Let me preface this by saying that my derm is possibly the worst, meanest, rudest person in the world. Based on this he thinks I should just stop taking Accutane, even though it is the only think that has ever worked for me. When I mentioned the emotional toll (e.g., massive depression) that acne caused me, he said, I kid you not, "Well it's not l
  14. I feel for you, I really do. But Accutane does almost always work EVENTUALLY. I was breaking out with the worst acne of my life until about a week into month 3. And other people on this site say that it has taken even longer to stop breaking out. So don't fret! You're not alone. If you are super unhappy with your derm, go to a different one or even go through a GP that has experience with and knowledge about Accutane. I have been seeing the worst derm in the world for the past few month
  15. Hey all! So I went to see the derm again today, despite my initial hesitations. Bad news: He's still a dick. Worse news: He wants me OFF ACCUTANE Good News: ... I dunno, it's kinda sunny out? Apparently my liver function is a little high (32 instead of 30) and he wants me to stop taking Accutane for at least a MONTH. No. No. nonononononono. I actually refuse this request. I know it sounds like it's not a big deal, but I JUST stopped breaking out completely maybe a week ago, and I am