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  1. Now you're scaring me... I have seven actives right now!
  2. Accutane has been awesome for me. I am 3 weeks, 5 days into it. I had the initial breakout towards the end of that first week, but since then, I've been almost completely clear. That was when I was on 40 mg every day. At my two-week check up (10 days ago), my doctor upped my dosage to 80 mg per day and gave me "Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with Sun Screen" for some dryness on my face that become for me two or three days earlier. Two or three days ago, I started getting a breakout, and toda
  3. Just do a glass of milk... anything but skim.
  4. I know exactly how you feel man. I have the same amount and placement of acne. I started Accutane recently though, so hopefully it will be over soon.
  5. Thanks for stopping by my "log." It sounds like you've had a real up-and-down experience with Accutane. It must be exciting to be one fifth of the way done... I also tried a lot of the antibiotics, differin, that you did with no success. I think it's interesting you live in Europe. I've never been there, but someday I want to travel there. It sounds like I have to see these women if nothing else!
  6. My boss once thought I was growing facial hair... That was tough to explain.
  7. Remember not to take vitamin A supplements though!
  8. Hi Ashleigh. I'm also 20, I'm on day 11. My skin has gotten oilier. On day 6, I started getting chapped lips. By day 8, they were pretty bad and I had to buy some blistex. My skin is still oily. I have more zits, but they're smaller. Good luck.
  9. I spot treat with salicylic acid. Is there any reason I shouldn't be doing this?
  10. I didn't have too oily skin before Accutane... I would wash my face twice a day. Since I've started Accutane, my face has gotten much more oily. Now, I have to wash my face three or four times a day. I'm on day 11. Is this normal?
  11. I've been on Accutane for 11 days and I have not drank while on the medicine. I usually only drink once or twice a month. I'm taking 40 mg a day. I have my two-week check up blood test on Monday morning. Would it be ok for me to get drunk on Friday night? Thanks.