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  1. my face started like that 10 years ago. Those red marks drove me crazy...every pimple i knew was going to leave a mark. well i would kill for that problem now because now i am just left with pock mark scars. dont get red marks anymore. go to cosmetic surgeon, laser microderm peels nothing over the counter gets rid of the marks try calamine lotion....actually one home remedy that works
  2. virgie


    This is amazing! I would never have thought to inject myself, definately going to research this. Probably much more cost effective that going to cosmetic surgeon.
  3. I've had 4 Fraxel's and they hurt like hell, cost a lot of money, and show hardly any improvement. It actually caused a condition called milia that I've never had in my entire life and they won't go away. I totally regret wasting my money I had ipl and lasers done after 3rd treatment my face was completely cover in milia...I am not exagerating either! Actually called and had to go back to doctor and he never saw anything like it before! Now its almost a year since my last treatment and
  4. OMG...I feel the same way. My face is ALWAYS on my mind. Not only do I have scarring on my cheeks but my skin is VERY oily so it makes them appear 100x worse. Make up doesnt work and dealing with this problem becomes very expensive and insurance does nothing for it although this is probably one of the most emotionally crippling disorders a person can have. I have been dealing with acne for the past 10 years and now I am dealing with scars..will it ever end?
  5. tca? acv? frosting? what are these? where do you purchase apple cider acid? never even heard of it. i read on another board about apple cider vinegar for acne. is it taking vitamin c in a pill form or vitamin c serum put on scar?
  6. I have been using this product for about 2 weeks now and I'm not quite sure...some days scars seem better but not always! I have pock-mark scarring on my cheeks and temples and my next step is to do the restylane injections. Dealing with acne and bad skin is hit and miss and is very expensive.
  7. After reading this about just using hot water I have come to the conclusion that you people dont have excessively oily skin? This all makes sense about chemical irritation and I have come to the conclusion that acne skin is sensitive skin and gets irritated easily, but my skin is VERY VERY oily I mean with in 10 minutes of washing my face its disgusting. I cant imagine how hot water alone can take oil off? My face being so oily I get those white heads filled with puss all the time..they just p
  8. virgie

    oily skin

    There has to be something out there for excessive amounts of oil on the face! I am a 36 year old female dealing with acne large pores and extremely oily skin for the past 10 years now. I have spent thousands of dollars and most recently spent 3500.00 on ipl with laser treaments for acne and acne scars and was to help with oil production. Must say not that impressed. I dont really get alot of the big cystic acne now but because my face is so oily I get those white pimples all the time. I h