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  1. Well these are some things that have helped me. NOT sleeping on the side of my face. A lot of my acne came from that because when i started sleeping on my back less pimples came everyday.. After a while i got proactive which i am still using it works pretty good. I dont use a lot of bp though but ya. Egg white mask works good because i still got red marks and they have faded significantly within the past 3 months. Think postive and drink water and stuff. I also noticed when i put my head do
  2. I just bought some biore blackhead strips or whatever and they're great! Even though i didnt really put it on right and it left some air bubbles, but they really get it out. All you gotta do is make sure after your done you clean your pores or w/e so you dont get blackheads again.
  3. Ooo mines basiclly just like yours pwndami. I'll try the stuff you do it might be me washing me face with hot water then. =P
  4. I never tried it but i used to get "neutregena on the spot pimple control" its kinda like the regimen but comes in a small bottle thing and its like 6 bucks -.-. though it works pretty good on big pimples sometimes =D <---- Keyword "Sometimes"
  5. I used to always make fun of people with acne and stuff. But now i feel terrible for what i did and i deserve the acne i have. Now i understand what others go through and people saying things about you talking behind your back and stuff. Acne made me a better person in a way because im nicer to other people and dont pay attention their appearence, but more of their personality/.
  6. Ok so lately right after i take a shower i get white flaky looking things around where my blackheads are. I dont try to remove them because i dont know what they are but they go away within 15-30 minutes. Idk what they are so thats why im asking o and also i use the "basis sensitive skin bar". I would get the regmin one but my parents wont let me order online =[. but yea helpp lol
  7. You shouldnt of started with proactive (well in my opinion) ive heard most people who stop get really bad breakouts an proactive doesnt really stop you acne it mostly controls it.
  8. Yea i guess im going to try to get those biore strip things from walgreens, hopefully they'll work.
  9. I have those too on my forehead, though im lucky enough not to have a lot of pimples. I always thought they were blackheads, but they can be a bunch of oil like other people said because i dont really know =[.
  10. Well i have acne but not a lot it just kinda comes and goes. But for about 1 year i've had blackheads on my nose like crazy. I dont really know what to do, i heard of Biore facial peels bu idk if they would work or would scar or something. I've been reading around here about S.A and stuff like that but i dont really understand much of it. I really need help! thankss! I would've posted a pic of my nose but my mom took the camera to church =p.