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  1. currently use half a bottle of dans cleanser but add about 2oz of CORUNDUM crystals to it(the stuff they use for dermabrasion). The crystals are very fine, but do a good job.
  2. pretty sure being frozen should be fine. extreme heat might be a problem, but coldness tends to preserve things.
  3. yeah i just do it at night now. if you're worried try starting just doing it at night time, but use a little more than you would do in a normal night time application(at first i doubled up the dose, but eventually got it down to just the normal amount).
  4. do you use the same amount of nicam gel as you would the bp?
  5. i found it to be brilliant at getting rid of the small under the skin bumps.
  6. i've tried a fair few, and the alpha hydrox was the best for me. though i've learned not to use too much.
  7. could be the citric acid i guess, which is a form of aha. and i think ascorbic acid is just another name for aha aswell.
  8. the dry skin relief does have aha in it. in the form of lactic acid. check the ingredients.
  9. it's fine. i've been using it for about 18 months.
  10. applying a thin layer of jojoba oil before putting on the bp helped with absorbtion for me.
  11. just found a site that has a few aha products for people in the uk. http://www.lookgr8.co.uk/index.php i've personally gone for http://www.lookgr8.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=136