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  1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I know dr Davin Lim, I follow him and youtube and Instagram. He explains everything so well. I got a tca peel on February 1st and things got better. The PIE lightened and the scars are a little bit less indented. I'm going to have vbeam for the red spots and take it from there. I was advised to get fractional CO2 and microneedling with dermapen 4 and some cocktails for the scars, but still thinking about it. Thoughts?
  2. Yes, it will be for the PIH . Thanks!
  3. I am supposed to be getting a TCA peel in a week, but I'n not sure it will help. Any advice?
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new here, lurking for some time now. In october I had a big cystic acne flare-up that ended up scarring my face like this. The acne is currently under control, with spironolactone+ clindamycin+ niacinamide pharmacy prepared topical cream. Also using azelaic acid(15% skinoren gel) in the am, spf 50 everyday. Went to a cosmetic derm that performed prp, a week ago, to be honest the results are barely there. She said the prp will help healing the inflamation unde