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  1. I swear I'm not trying to stir the pot -- just genuinely curious. I made a post recently where resident expert @Sirius Lee (whom I respect very much for his inputs here) said dermastamping would not do anything for my superficial scars other than create micro-tears. However, I commonly see @beautifulambition (another of our experts whom I am truly grateful for) endorsing the Derminator 2 for at-home machine dermastamping. Disclaimer: I'm not saying they do or do not endorse dermastamping in all
  2. @Sirius LeeThank you for the response and information! My understanding is that the baby has priority for all nutrients in the mother's body...so really the bigger issue is suboptimal nutrients available for mom's healing. Since the whole point of needling is ultimately to repair the skin, it is obviously better to wait until no longer pregnant. And as is usually the case, better to be safe than sorry for baby's sake over the (relatively) short course of pregnancy. And definitely no TC
  3. Hello everyone. I am finally healed up from the worst round of acne I have ever had in my life, and I now have swathes of shallow boxcar and rolling scars across my cheeks. They seem for the most part very superficial to me, but some are obviously tethered. I am planning to drive out to see Dr. Weiner in FL for a consult in the next month or two, but I doubt he will perform any treatment on me immediately, as I am pregnant. I foresee a recommendation for RF microneedling, and maybe even a subcis