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  1. Hello all, I was hoping someone could help me and anyone else who wouldlike to know what works to counteract the tiredness and muscle soreness of spiro. It has been about a week that I have been experiencing being very tired and having an ache in my neck and back around my shoulders. I am hoping there is something to do because I have hope that htis is working for my skin but I am not feeling good at all. Please help !! Also I was taking 50mg just fine and 3 weeks ago it was upped to 100mg an
  2. Hi Sammiemc, I wish I could give you some anwers. But I'm actually going through something similar myself. I'm been taking spiro for a year now but have only been taking 100 mg for the last few weeks and I feel like I'm experiencing some side effects for the very first time. All those months I was only taking 50 or 75/mg a day had not affect on me at all. But lately I've been feeling sluggish and my body feels heavy....like there's more gravity weighing down on it or something. It's hard fo
  3. Hello, I have been on spiro 50mg for 2 months and saw a improvement. When I went back to my derm , she upped my dosage to 100mg per day and I have been on that for about 2 weeks just this week I have noticed I am feeling more tired and a bit woozy. I know this can be side affect and I was wondering if this is something that will pass? I did not expeience this when I was just on the 50mg and I am hoping it will go away as my body adjusts to the new dosage. It isn't a constant thing it will k
  4. I've had purple bruising before. What I did was I put lots of moisturizer on it before I go to sleep (a non-comedogenic one, preferably vitamin e or aloe vera). And I was also using glycolic acid that time; it helped with the marks. Are you using BP? Because I used to have purple marks because of BP. I stopped using it and used Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion instead. It cures and lessens redness and discoloration.
  5. Hello, I have question I hope someone can help me with. I have developed a cyst on my right jaw line and one up by my temple and they are a brused purple red color. The one on my temple has gone down almost flat but the bruising is still very prominant. And the one on my jaw line is still swollen and is bruised also. I haven't messed with them except to wash and apply product but I would just like to be ablt to help dimish the bruising so it doesn't look like I have taken a bat to the face.
  6. Hello, I hope to receive some experienced adviced from any of you out there. So far you all have been very helpful and I greatly appreciate it. Iwas put on taz and spiro by my new derm last week and I am looking for a good cleanser that won't irritate or counter effect the taz. I have very oily, large pored skin and I have been using the proactive wash because it makes my skin feel clean. I am thinking that this may be to abrasive while on taz even though my skin hasn't responed badly yet.
  7. Cherie, Thank you so much for responding, I am very hopeful it has beena lifetime of battling acne, but never as bad as it has been in the last few months. It seems I am starting on v ery low dose, but I'm not sure if it is because of my size, I am only 5 foot 1 and about 110 lbs. so sometimes I feel they dtart em off low to see my tolerance. It has only been few days, but I am trying to stay positive. 2 months seems like a long way off untill my next appointment, but my derm did say she wou
  8. Hi there, I went to my new derm yesterday and she perscribed tazorac and Spiro for me to give it a try. I have very oily skin with large pores and I do have quite a bit of blond facial hair and a few dark hairs on chin that I pluck. I also break out basically anywhere on my face not just on the jawline and chin like most hormonal breakouts, so I guess I am wondering who has had experience with these meds and what their experiences are like. I would really appreciate as much feedback as possib
  9. Hello, I woud like to know if someone could give me little insight about having a cyst pimple injected by the dermatologist. I had 3 injected today and I have never had that before 1 seems to have responded very quickly and 2 others seem alittle smaller but haven't reduced in size completely. About how long does the process take and if the last 2 don't seem to be responding can I ask to have them done again? My derm watched them for a bit after she injected them to see if they needed more and
  10. Hello, I am fairly new to this site and I like that everyone seems so willing to share advice. I am currently dealing with new phase of my acne battle. I have been dealing with acne since I was 12 and now that i am 34, it seems to be worse than ever. I now have more cystic acne along with regular blemishes and it seems there is nothing that helps the cystic acne. And as you all know it lasts for weeks and months leaving horrible redness and scarring (emotionally and physically). It seems to