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  1. I have these on my t-zone! I've been trying to battle them for a while now and i found something that helps out... so if you have what i have (oily skin, tiny bumps everywhere), maybe you can try this... basically i just got a bar of tea tree oil soap (literally, i got it from Bulk Barn), so i wash my face with that in the morning and night and then after washing i spray Lush's Tea Tree Water over my face and let it dry... i don't think its a permanent solution because once my face gets oily th
  2. ok so i think the tea tree is really harsh because i put it on one of my active pimples and it completely burnt it... weird huh. well i didnt put it on tonight. maybe i'll do it every other day. no new breakouts! my face is still super oily though... my hair gets really oily really fast too. my blackheadds cleared in 3 days of using jojoba oil. wooohoo
  3. 5th day! i must admit, i did have a tiny bit of cheese today. i dont think it will do anything though... i'm used to eating lots of cheese on everything. i havent broken out from the tea tree oil so thats good news... but its also not doing anything at all.
  4. Day 3 was a success but I loooooove cheese. it's getting harder and harder each day. i bought tea tree oil today but i got really scared after reading some of the reviews (people breaking out in severe cystic acne)... but the majority of them were positive. i used a bit onmy face today so hopefully my skin is ok tomorrow. didn't put on any prescription meds for the 2nd night in a row (right now i have Retin A, benzacilyn, differin) i'm also approaching that time of the month... so maybe thats
  5. Yes... I am back. After almost 2 years of being away. What can I say, the "not caring" regimen really works -- if you can genuinely believe in it. Who was I kidding... how is it possible to get acne off your head when you see yourself in the mirror everyday? Don't get me wrong -- it's still not stopping me from doing what I want in life...it's just super annoying that I am now 23 and still dealing with it. These past two years have gone up and down. I'll be clear (with red marks) and think tha
  6. my mom wants me to try this.... i don't know if i could stomach it in milk though..ew hahah.. but i think i might do it b/c i'm totally hating my acne right about now. tumeric has also been known to have healing properties for open wounds when taken internally... so maybe it will help heal the acne better without redmarks.
  7. ok ok i figured that i needed to calm down after that rant. its just PIMPLeS after all. who cares. i'm probably not going to log my progress anymore b/c i really dont want to think bout acne at all. i'm trying my "not caring regime" which worked ever-so-perfectly last summer. from now on its good music, fun times, and travelling for me!!! (well after exams) but really, this site is great for those who need support because i have recieved nothing but helpful hands after i joined. to all those tha
  8. when i get down about my pimples I LISTEN TO GOOD, UPBEAT MUSIC and dance it off... its fun and it takes your mind off stupid stuff like acne. acne is not worth the attention you give it, trust me... don't be so harsh on yourself.
  9. DAY 5 I am so proud of myself. I kicked my habit of using BP. today i was examining my face and one pimple that i had earlier is going down and its on my lower forehead near my eye... and i SAW WRINKLES ON MY EYE........... omg i nearly died. my right eye looks like its 40 years old and the left one looks normal... omg. omg omg. that was the last straw for me. i'm gonna throw it out tonight. i applied cream and everything but the lines are still there. NO MORE BP NO MATTER WHATTT! and i've ch
  10. do you know whether your acne is hormonal or not? i just went my derm and she's doing a blood test to see if it is... that way they can prescribe the appropriate medication for your skin. (ie. birth control pills) also, i've been drinking ACV for about 2 weeks now and i only broke out once so far. i drink 2 teaspoons after breakfast and 2 before i sleep. and BELIEVE that your face will clear up! sometimes thats the most important thing!!!
  11. no no and no.. i've been using the .1% for about a year now... i still get breakouts. it definately helps to really dry out pimples but beware cuz it also dries out your WHOLE face (even where you don't apply it)
  12. DAY 4 Had another exam today.... and skin is looking pretty good still. I think my derm is an idiot. The molluscum that i have is getting better for sure, but she sprayed PIMPLES. I told her that i thought they were pimples and she kept saying no no, they aren't. BUT THEY ARE pimples, they turned into whiteheads yesterday.. i swear some derms don't know any better than us with a little bit of research. and my other problem with derms (and some docs, thank god my family doc isn't like this) is t
  13. i totally understand where you're coming from... my acne isn't thaaat bad either but it makes you really self-conscious.... i hope this works out for you!