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  1. Well I'm at almost a week now and i'm definately drying out luckily... hopefully won't dry out too bad. My face is red though.... everyone keeps asking me if i got sunburned.
  2. I just started accutane. None of those bp products or anything ever worked for me. I'm extremely oily as well. The only regimin that worked for me was glycolic acid ("aqua glycolic" brand name) but I started tane for my cystic acne, which never was helped by anything. My face is really sensitive since I started last week. I want to tan as well but I'm not even going to attempt it until maybe my face calms down in a few months. I was using many oil obsorbing products (lancome's line and the glyco
  3. I'm a week in tomorrow and I'm getting cysts already.. I have them all over my chin where I usually get them and one on my forehead. My derm says the first month is usually the worst. So don't worry, its not abnormal. Lets just hope it doesnt last too long.
  4. I'm on day 7 and already have 3 large cysts... but this is what its suposed to do i guess.
  5. I just started claravis 40 mg twice a day. I'm EXTREMELY oily, even in the winter. I'm hoping the regimine will alleviate some of my oil production even after treatment. I'm also hoping that since I am so oily my skin won't become so dry during treatment. My Doc said it can go either way, it could help with the oil or not at all. If anybody who is also very oily like me can share their experiences...
  6. I have claravis 40 mg 30 pills per box. On the actual box itself it says do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking this medication. Also my infornation booklet from the pharmacy also says that it will increase your chance of developing pancreitis. I personally am refraining from alcohol. I had increased liver enzymes when I was taking minocycline for acne (which I took for a year, however). So thats something that worries me. I just started today with the claravis. If i have a good blood tes
  7. I just Started today as well! literally about an hour ago. I'm also worried about side effects, but I've done a lot of research. I've had acne since i was about 11 and although my acne has gotten better over the years (I'll be 25 in may) i started developing cysts on my face and chest, which has left scars. Hopefully this won't get worse during the treatment. I'm doing claravis 40 mg twice a day, which I told my Doc to maybe start me lower but he said it was pointless to do a lower-dosed regimin