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  1. I tried Threelac last year, and I believe it cleared up my acne...so to make sure that it was Threelac, I'd like to try it again. Does anyone know the cheapest but reliable place to buy it online? I live in Canada, so I'll need some place that ships to Canada.
  2. I'd like to know about water fasting. Does anyone have detiled guilde to it?
  3. Yes, I have this product. My friend also uses this, and I could see that his skin texture improved a lot. Me....I don't know. I haven't used this product regularly since if I apply this on bp it stings like crazy.
  4. I never said it's getting worse. I was wondering if papules are worse acne than whiteheads
  5. I usually have papules rather than whiteheads. Since I started using some acne product, I noticed that places where I used to have papules turn into whiteheads (not sure if this's pustule or just whitehead). I wonder if this's a good sign or not good. I'm not on Dan's regimen btw. Dan's regimen simply sux.
  6. You'll never get rid of peeling if you're applying dan's bp.
  7. I'm gonna try this for a week. I've nothing to lose anyway... So far I've done it twice (morning and evening), and I can see that my face isn't as oily as when I cleansed with soak! It's amazing. I take photos of my skin everyday. I'll post them when I think this's really working.
  8. that's completely wrong. if your skin is extremely oily, you won't need moisturizer. even dan's bp will feel greasy...which is why i never use his.
  9. I'm gonna try this. Believing that Dan's regimen works for everyone is just bullshit. Who knows? Some ppl might be too sensitive to cleansers and cleanser is actual cause of breakouts...
  10. It was 1 and 1/2 years ago when I first ordered Dan's bp. When I first started his regimen, it did wonders as he described. At that time, Dan's bp was different from what he ships now. It dried my skin out (but not too much) and wasn't as greasy as now. Most importantly, Dan's bp hasn't worked as good as 1&1/2 years ago - I would say it doesn't work at all; it only makes my skin red and flaky. If I use other brand's bp it still does wonders....something is definitely wrong with Dan's.
  11. What if I need to take some pills with food? Should I wait two hours and take those with water?
  12. ARCHIVES of DERMATOLOGY 1975; Volume 111; Pages 793 Fluoride Toothpaste: A Cause of Acne-like Eruptions To the Editor - I feel that I should share with my colleagues in dermatology an observation relative to the treatment of problem acne. All of us have the adult female acne patient who has closed comedonal or papular acne extending from the corner of the mouth to the chin area, sometimes in a slightly fan-like distribution from the corner of the mouth to the chin area and the proximal area o
  13. Yeah, right. Products on www.stopyeast.com are over-priced. Stop ripping off ppl!!!
  14. What moisturizer have you been using?
  15. I've been on regimen for 2 weeks and have some problem. First of all, if I touch my skin with bare hands, it's so rough. I wonder if this is normal. Also, after washing my face and patting dry, I can see some white peeled skin on the surface of my face. When I rub it gently, it peels off. Should I do this (rubbing it gently) every time I wash my face or leave it just as it is? It seems like it will never go away unless I rub it off. Maybe the rough skin is from this peeled skin. I read t