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  1. Unfortunately I've had other treatments before like this fraxel 1550 laser for instance that this person says they got 60% improvement with, which for me was a total waste of money, but yea ure right, need a lot more sessions been through these for the past year
  2. Think I'm gonna quote this before it gets deleted or edited, so people can see it's a troll
  3. I said maybe, cant u read? tf is wrong with u? how am i being rude? i just shared my experience with the same laser you had like you shared yours and I asked for before and afters but didn't demand anything at all. Jesus christ
  4. Can you share before and after pics? I had 2 sessions of fraxel 1550 and that was the worst decisions ever, had 0% improvement from those sessions, I was even told by several people that laser is not even used for scar treatment, but only for wrinkles, how did you get that much improvement? Maybe u had pigmentation issues mostly
  5. one thing is for sure, acne scars are permanent, idk if the before and after pics are true, it also depends on the person's ability to heal or whatever but if u have acne scars in the first place ur healing should be shit, i honestly dont know but ive been trying to resolve mine for over a year and still no results, depressed for life
  6. im at a point of giving up, spent all my money dont see any improvement
  7. You're not weak at all, all of us have to battle acne scars every day knowing how badly it affects our confidence and social life, everyone who goes through the same as you knows exactly how you feel, you're actually very strong, I have less scars than you and I'm way more mentally distressed by them than you seem to be with yours. It just pains me to see how something so common and so life destroying still has no perfect cure, yet there are cure for many other issues like teeth deformity, nose
  8. im not sure honestly but i think he didnt go super aggressive on the third pass, just the first still dont see any results tbh sadly i guses my scars are too old to get treated
  9. I also had genius and feel like it worsen the scars and also seeing holes where i didnt see before, not sure if its too early to make a judgement for me since they say final results come 3 months later, but can u circle in those pics where u see worse scars so its easier for us to see?
  10. Can anyone tell me exactly the period time it is considered a fresh scar? Would a scar that's 2 years old be considered fresh?
  11. I faced the exact same issue as you. I also took it for 6 months and I got pimples the size of a football ball, which I've never had before and was left with ugly scars.
  12. Contact your dr, the dosage could be too high for you, and if u do get breakouts also contact ur dr to find a way to prevent scars
  13. I only took it one time for 6 months and I'm left with permanent side effects + acne scars so I wouldn't even recommend taking it with prescription let alone without lol Imo if you're just having small pimples popping rarely, surely some acid like glycolic, salylic or whatever would be enough to control it
  14. Hard to tell, only after that hyperpigmentation fades away you can see if you have any scars or not, but from those pictures I think you'll be fine