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  1. For sure there are some severe scars on my cheeks. this isnt bad light
  2. After 4 Months, I can‘t see any bigger improvements on my scars after the first but bigger combination treatment. Should I try another round of the same treatments or should I go for dermabrasion.
  3. Hello! I‘m back with some questions. I went to inform myself about treatments at Mrs. Boudneys but she didn‘t want to perform fractional Co2 during my isotretinoin circle ... I then reached out to another good rated doctor which does Lasers and Microneedling (No Subcision, No Peelings, ...) and she said the best treatment for my scars would be INFINI RF. I‘m now not very sure if that‘s the way to go ... also I‘m scared of the needles making me break out again and/or leaving
  4. Oh that‘s a super helpful information, thank you! So you think she‘s a good option? She also does lasers.
  5. Seems like dermatologists in Austria and Germany are shut down cause wie are in Lockdown. So my only option is to find someone in Switzerland - and I don‘t have specialists to talk to at the moment. Just you guys.
  6. I think the only option here is to try it out and see how our skin reacts. I don‘t care about the downtime. But seems like I can‘t go for a fully ablative laser during isotretinoin 20mg course. So it will be fractional ablative treatment and I heard the Lumenis Ultrapulse Laser would be the best option here - am I right?
  7. I‘ve also been reading about different opinions. Like one ablative treatment gives the improvement of 3 fractional but on the other side I‘m reading that fractional gives better improvements.
  8. Thanks for your Illustration. Any help means alot to me at the moment. Will fractional ablative treatman get rid of red-dots and other pigmentations caused by acne?
  9. I read that there is no problem with having fractional Co2 treatments while being on low dose isotretinoin. - isn‘t this true? I also got tattoos (which is not recommended because of the healing process) and everything was fine.
  10. Thanks alot for your help and information! I think I‘ll go for the ablative laser then - as I think TCA cross could be too harsh for my skin during isotretinoin. I can try that later. And do subcision before that treatment. Sadly there are no known specialists nearby, so I just have to go with dermatologists that offer Co2 treatments. Anything I need to be aware of? Is there any laser that brings extra good results?
  11. Hey friends, I‘m very desperate and I need your help. Acne started when I was 21 and left me with scarring now turning 23 being on isotretinoin (20mg) at the moment. Had clear skin to that point and don‘t really know what suddenly triggered some cystic acne. Well, seems like there are no pimples currently coming up - but I really want to get rid of my scarring. And Im tired of researching for the best treatments or doctors - I need some help from specialists like you.