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    I love Partying,Traveling,Going to college,Seeing friends & family,Meeting new People, & helping others!
  1. Gorgeous! Your hair is just beautiful.

  2. Awww reali pretty =P x take care

  3. Hey just looking at peoples profiles! =P your skin looks Wonderful ;p Looking GdGd x

  4. awww ur very pretty 2 =) so whatcha been up2 ? Hehe i love this site x Everyone Understands! yehh

  5. hey, thanks. yeah accutane is awesome. you look good too. =)

  6. hey you, yeah i did accutane. Love it and swear by it. You're very beautiful

  7. Ah thanks, as does yours. My pic was taken a couple of months ago :( things are alot different at the moment.

    I want your hair its gorgeous! x

  8. Hey lloking gdgd =P i went on Roacctane it went fanastic!

  9. Awww your sKIN looks Fab =P

  10. Man, you are from the uk as well?! Awesome, not many of us on this site.

  11. Awww 4 days? i was on Roacctane for 6 months and my Skin has Totally Cleared =P soo is your skin quit Bad? x

  12. Lol American Idol ? why do i look like some1 f the show!? I come from the Uk! =P i love America tho been a few times wicked Man! So whatcha been up2? ya skin looks Brilliant! Yah!

  13. hey you look like the cute american idol. I was on acutane for 4 days and then I quit.

  14. Ohhh and the Drug Made me Gain weight!

  15. Hey ur looking GdGd=P av u been on roacctane? Loves xx