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  1. I use Aloe FotE gel too. Yes, it does sting your eyes, but it goes away fast; just try not to apply it too close to your eyes. Btw, how much do you guys usually put on your face and do you put it on your nose ? Regards.
  2. Hi guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it is kind of scar related. heheh Due to a badly located sanitizer at my work, I always bump in the open door that leads to cuts and scrapes on the lower part of my leg (approx. 3-4 inches up from the foot itself). Sometimes they are pretty "bad" as they take some time to heal and when they do, they leave red marks that turn into brown ones over time. So, what could I use to help all those damn cuts heal faster and minimize the
  3. I use Aloe Vera gel as a mosturizer and I've been doing it for about a year. It does not help me with red marks , but it does greatly help me with dry skin. Best regards.
  4. Hello Simply Me, I have no idea about fresh aloe as a mask, but my grandma used to put fresh leaves of Aloe on burn wounds and such. You can buy Aloe Vera gel in most of the pharmacies or stores like Rite Aid. It says "Fruit of the Earth" and below "Aloe Vera" 100% Gel. Good luck.
  5. Hi Jinx, does it have any alcohol in it ? I use Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel and it's been great. I would recommend getting a different brand of AV gel, if yours dries you up instead of helping. Best regards...
  6. Ok, I'm not trying to hit on ya or something, but that pic with 'I love that pic words' looks great. Heheheh
  7. Try Fruit of the Earth gel. It's a aloe vera gel that is used as a moisturizer for dry skin, but you can also use it for shaving.
  8. That's exactly what is happening to me. I get acne everytime there is a change of seasons. Like for example, my face is pretty clear during summer, but come fall and I getting a few zits here and there, then it stops in winter and my face looks ok. But then, spring comes around and cycle repeats itself untill summer. lol I guess I'm cursed or something
  9. Get some boiling water in a pan, then cover your head with a big towel and keep your face over that pan with hot water. That would create kind of a small "steam room" for your face. Keep it like that for some time, make sure you give you face a good steam bath. Then, you can gently squize black heads out of your nose. Help me a lot. Best regards...
  10. Actually, a spear taken internally is a good thing. My girlfriend had some red marks on her chest and she was always swallowing it, so now her chest is baby clear. Besides, sperm has a lot of protein too. Best regards...