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  1. Could it be worse? my other side is fine its just one cheek. Anyone got any tips or ideas how to improve?
  2. Doesn't stop him from being one of the best NBA Players http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN5iRdDPXZs
  3. he seem's like a very strong person! to show himself like that especially on the harsh internet -_-
  4. how did you find that video?

  5. This video isn't to scare people from taking accutane its just a rare case. i feel bad..
  6. i'm not religious or anything but this song reminded me of everyone on this website "there will be a day" that we will all be happy.
  7. forsure mang~ lemme knoe how it goes yeah? i hope it improves for you a lil bit cuZz i can live with out redmarks they are wack
  8. when i glide my hand over my skin it feels smooth and what not but when i look in the mirror i have all the red marks and i have a few acne spots like 6 the max should i go on accutane? or will it make my red marks worse? i have no idea what to do. these 3 pictures are of my cheeks because i only have them on my cheecks:( gaah and one of them is when i was clear :(~
  9. thank yu everyone for yer nice comments^^ so maybe its just the coloring left from the acne a little bit of scaring?
  10. Do you think my acne is mild ? or more on the severe side? oh and also, do you think if i got a Nice TAN, and got a little bit darker it would show less, my skin complexion would look more healthier i think if i was a little bit more darker, sorrie for asking but nobody in my family has acne so i don't know:(, but these pictures at the sides of my face and the last 1 is me when i didn't really have any acne
  11. ey whassup everyone, my name is jaden; im half mexican half asian, and before you say these words.. "no body knows what im going through". oh trust me i know exactly what all of you are going through. the hatred for mirrors.. wondering why everyone on tv has perfect skin, wishing you can have that. looking at people on the street, or in the cars next to you just wondering why they have such good skin and why you dont have that good of skin. i know exactly how you all feel. you know you can do an