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  1. So from 2 pages of this, it seems that Rullan and Lim are the best for subcision. Anyone other doctors? People mentioned $1250 per treatment from Rullan. Is that per scar or per treatment of multiple scars? And is that Peter Rullan or his daughter? Is his daughter good at subcision?
  2. Thanks so much. And what about the pigmentation? In particular, the two scars that stand out on my left cheek near my beard line, and also my left cheek has a general redness to it. Would you go for a particular laser or something else like microneedling? How many treatments would you guess that would take?
  3. Thanks - so are you saying I should stop doing more subcisions for now? I'm currently only doing TCA on the ice pick scars
  4. Hello, I'm 33, living in New York and trying to improve my acne scars. The pictures are 6 weeks after a second round of subcisions/TCA cross, and I had my third round today, all with Dr. Novick. Filler was used in all of the subcisions, but the purpose wasn't for volume but to stimulate collagen (from my understanding - in any case it's not for volume). I've also done ~5 fraxel treatments about 5 years ago, but that didn't help much. I plan to continue doing TCA cross for the ice pick scars
  5. Wonderful results! You can see the gradual improvement after each subcision/suction, and then a major improvement after the filler. Can I ask why you didn't just do filler to begin with? Does anyone know if fillers require you to elevate the scar first with a few subcisions beforehand?