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  1. I popped it and blood and pus came out, but it still looks as big as ever. I noticed it is kind of squishy. How much does a Cortisone shot cost?
  2. It's sore when I touch it. I thought maybe i'd use Apple Cider Vinegar on it 3 times a day, and BP twice. It has a tiny head, and if it gets bigger should I pop it?
  3. So my face is basically clear, but every 4-5 months I get this Huge red pimple on my forehead, and today happened to be the day. It's a big bright red pimple. It's impossible to not notice, and when I say it's big I mean big. It's sore when I touch it, and it's sort of squishy, but not entirely. I've had this before and it took a good 2-3 weeks to dissapear. Firstly, what kind of pimple does this sound like? And secondly, what do I do? Last time I tried BP and it didn't help much, and I he
  4. ok my doctor said to wash my face with soap and water 2 times a day, and gave me a BP gel 10% to apply before i go to bed. Whats the dif with this prescribed gel...i mean ive used 10% BP before but it was something i bought from a store...and i used it 2 times a day and didnt get results....also when i apply this new gel stuff it like drys up on my face a little when i apply it how come????
  5. Ok ive had acne for 4 years and ive tried tons of different things. Every pad and cream you can think of pretty much. Recently ive bene using BP for maybe about 3 months and at first it was working but then it pretty much stopped working. Now i am getting acne on my neck and my back, and this is getting to the point were i am pretty much powerless, i cant treat all these things ta once. Im going to the doctor soon should i ask for accutane?
  6. I went to my moms for the weekend and i forgot my BP! i dont want to break out before i go back to school on monday, what should i do! Is there anything i can subsitute for BP that will help my acne over the weekend.
  7. Ok so i've been using this Bp wash 2 times a day and every once in a while SA scrub. Ive been on this regimen for about 3-4 weeks and it is slowly getting better, but i still break out in certain spots. Well i had to stay the night at my grandmas house yesterday, and i didnt want to use her water to wash my face with because they have bad water. So i grabbed a bottle of aquafina and used that to wash my face instead. Well the next day all the affected areas on my face reduced in size quite a bi
  8. i started getting acne on my nose so i applied bp to it like i always do. (i use bp twice a day) But this time i used SA scrub before applying bp, and when i added bp to my nose after the SA scrub i felt a weird ticklish/tingly feeling on my nose. Ive never felt it before. What could this be a sign of? maybe my pores opening???
  9. I have little white spots all over the place, and i think they are under the skin. There not visable unless i sort of strech my skin. If i squeeze them white stuff comes out, wich is weird because i thought it was under the skin. Well anyway what can i do to get rid of these, its not a big problem because its not visable, but i still want it gone.
  10. One other thing... is there a way to "Hide" the red spots. Like any household things or something to make it less red, or cover up.
  11. I used BP on the side ones and it didnt realy do too much, except i noticed one of them turned a whitish color but the size was the same. On the back of my neck i realy havent had too much time to see results, so i couldnt tell you too much. But would putting ice on them help at all?
  12. the ones on the side ive noticed for about a week and a half and theres only 2. The ones on the back of my neck just randomly showed up 2 days ago theres about 4-5 of them. None of them itch.
  13. there raised, no new products or anything like that either.
  14. I dont remember having acne there though. Just all of a sudden i have red bumps on the side and back of my neck.
  15. I have red spots on the side of my neck and on the back of it, and i use BP on them but nothing happens. They just stay there and dont get any smaller. What can i do to make them go away. Maybe ice them? Please answer this question ASAP im not going to be on long....
  16. Ive been using BP on my entire face and its working well everywhere EXCEPT my nose. My nose seems to be getting worse. Should i stop using bp on my nose??? I saw several blackheads on my nose, so i squeezed the hell out of them, i know that couldnt have been to smart, but what consequences am i going to face soon...
  17. i would aprreciate a post sometime soon =)
  18. I can feal a Big Ass pimple forming on my nose. Its starting to get red, and when i touch it i can definately feal something there. What can i do to prevent it from forming so i can save myself from embarresment!!!!!!! I got BP Face Wash, Saliclyic acid scrub, and saliclylic acid pads. Name some stuff i should do to prevent it from forming or something to make it not as bad.
  19. If i use shaving cream to shave my face, will it affect anything if i use BP after shaving and washing my face.
  20. I use oxy 10 bp face wash. I apply to my face and gently rub it in. Then i wash my face off, and see results the next day. Ill give it 10/10. If it doesnt seem to be working DONT QUIT. It takes time but in the long run it will work for you.
  21. I Started using bp and its working great. I used it on my nose and where there used to be a blackhead (that would never come off no matter what) it turned into a pimple. Is this good or bad?
  22. Today i had very very very little acne and knew today would be good. So later in the day i went out to skateboard, and when i was on my way back to my house there where these two realy cute girls sitting in a car, and they where TOTALY checking me out. I felt so good after that. Finaly i feal good about the way i look.