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  1. I popped it and blood and pus came out, but it still looks as big as ever. I noticed it is kind of squishy. How much does a Cortisone shot cost?
  2. It's sore when I touch it. I thought maybe i'd use Apple Cider Vinegar on it 3 times a day, and BP twice. It has a tiny head, and if it gets bigger should I pop it?
  3. So my face is basically clear, but every 4-5 months I get this Huge red pimple on my forehead, and today happened to be the day. It's a big bright red pimple. It's impossible to not notice, and when I say it's big I mean big. It's sore when I touch it, and it's sort of squishy, but not entirely. I've had this before and it took a good 2-3 weeks to dissapear. Firstly, what kind of pimple does this sound like? And secondly, what do I do? Last time I tried BP and it didn't help much, and I he
  4. ok my doctor said to wash my face with soap and water 2 times a day, and gave me a BP gel 10% to apply before i go to bed. Whats the dif with this prescribed gel...i mean ive used 10% BP before but it was something i bought from a store...and i used it 2 times a day and didnt get results....also when i apply this new gel stuff it like drys up on my face a little when i apply it how come????
  5. Ok ive had acne for 4 years and ive tried tons of different things. Every pad and cream you can think of pretty much. Recently ive bene using BP for maybe about 3 months and at first it was working but then it pretty much stopped working. Now i am getting acne on my neck and my back, and this is getting to the point were i am pretty much powerless, i cant treat all these things ta once. Im going to the doctor soon should i ask for accutane?
  6. I went to my moms for the weekend and i forgot my BP! i dont want to break out before i go back to school on monday, what should i do! Is there anything i can subsitute for BP that will help my acne over the weekend.
  7. Ok so i've been using this Bp wash 2 times a day and every once in a while SA scrub. Ive been on this regimen for about 3-4 weeks and it is slowly getting better, but i still break out in certain spots. Well i had to stay the night at my grandmas house yesterday, and i didnt want to use her water to wash my face with because they have bad water. So i grabbed a bottle of aquafina and used that to wash my face instead. Well the next day all the affected areas on my face reduced in size quite a bi
  8. i started getting acne on my nose so i applied bp to it like i always do. (i use bp twice a day) But this time i used SA scrub before applying bp, and when i added bp to my nose after the SA scrub i felt a weird ticklish/tingly feeling on my nose. Ive never felt it before. What could this be a sign of? maybe my pores opening???
  9. I have little white spots all over the place, and i think they are under the skin. There not visable unless i sort of strech my skin. If i squeeze them white stuff comes out, wich is weird because i thought it was under the skin. Well anyway what can i do to get rid of these, its not a big problem because its not visable, but i still want it gone.
  10. One other thing... is there a way to "Hide" the red spots. Like any household things or something to make it less red, or cover up.
  11. I used BP on the side ones and it didnt realy do too much, except i noticed one of them turned a whitish color but the size was the same. On the back of my neck i realy havent had too much time to see results, so i couldnt tell you too much. But would putting ice on them help at all?
  12. the ones on the side ive noticed for about a week and a half and theres only 2. The ones on the back of my neck just randomly showed up 2 days ago theres about 4-5 of them. None of them itch.
  13. there raised, no new products or anything like that either.
  14. I dont remember having acne there though. Just all of a sudden i have red bumps on the side and back of my neck.