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  1. I play rep soccer so lately i have been playing alot of games and sweating alot but i havent got and breakouts....If you have acne on your back i would recommend getting some under armor to obsorb the sweat that way your back wont break out..
  2. Addie is it killing your confidence like it is mine? its like you want to stay in a room and never come out and when you do go out you try every way possible to hide them? cause thats the way i am Let me know.
  3. Ok i will try the head and shoulders....Do i just put it on in the shower and leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off or do i put it on over night? Thanks
  4. Hey Guys.... I have been on accutane for about 3 months and it cleared up my face amazingly but just before i started accutane i was getting tons of zits under my jaw and on the back of my neck and they have cleared up a little but does anyone know how to speed the process up because its killing my confidence knowing that they are there.. Thanks
  5. ok good lol cause im getting them on my nose aswell but now my shoulders are starting to get black heads and i have never got them there before has anyone else had this happen?
  6. Can you guys tell me how long it took for your acne to clear up while you were on Accutane? Thanks