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  1. just checked and mine doesn't have iodine =) curiously though, have you checked that yours doesn't count e numbers, preservatives and colouring. my sister was telling me that hers (cant remember what brand name) contained some Sunshine yellowing colour or something like that.... which is a really old school colouring and really really bad for us (worse than e numbers)!! really gotta check the ingredients carefully!
  2. hey, my diet was/is pretty much the same as yours, and i cleaned up within 2 weeks. I was eating pretty bad food before it seems. I went to my sisters this weekend though, had a night out and a nice restaurant meal. I worked out I consumed more sugar in that one night out than i had in the entire 2 weeks =o those cheap alcopops have ALOT of sugar in them lol. but yeah i've got a few spots now, doh! pretty much confirms the link for me though. I know you can get some form of wheat free flour? I
  3. thats what, 16 spoons of sugar a day.... I was taught that a teaspoon is 4.2 grams. That's 67.2 grams of sugar a day. The official guidelines are no more than 40 grams of sugar per 2,000 calories. you're way over that just with your cups of tea =o seriously, when you stop having sugar (or reduce it as much as possible), you start craving it less and start getting a more refined taste for things. my sister made me a cup of tea with no sugar in the other day, the first time i had a cup of tea in
  4. "The whole diet and natural way" thing can't hurt, and theres nothing to say that you can't do both together. I had moderate acne, and now i'm all clear except for a few red marks but they are fading fast =) Only been doing this healthy shizzle for like... a few weeks at most.
  5. yeah the best thing to do does seem to be to detox and then just eat healthy. Or try and work out what foods effect you, then detox and eat healthy / dont eat those foods.
  6. Okay, so to try and help with my acne (and it is helping i've had no new acne and my current acne is fading fast), i've been eating lots more healthy. Before my diet was complete junk. I'm really petite and small.... I used to weigh 7 1/2 stones. However, after like 2 weeks of the healthy diet, I'm down to 7 stones. I really aim to stay at 7 1/2. So what can I eat to stop losing weight, and to regain that 1/2 stone. I don't even exercise at all at the moment. I'm trying to avoid dairy and non
  7. See its the existence of places like this that make it even more amazing that doctors and acne pharmaceuticals companies deny the relationship between diet and acne. There are Amish communities where acne is unheard of. Unlike the remote random tribes in random places, you can't blame lack of pollution etc, because the Amish places would have the same American air. Kinda the same environmental factors but the differences are down to diet and culture. I would say something out of line about gene
  8. just a quick progress report =D (and to help keep this one the first page ) but yeah my smoothies are going well. My skin does seem better... can't really explain it, not clear or anything but just better =) Softer or something. My only issues are getting hold of the spinach... it goes super quick from my Tesco and I've not been wanting to bulk buy more than 2 packets because I want it to be super fresh. Tried some rocket I think it was the other day as well because they didnt have any baby spi
  9. Not sure that you posted this in right section. But I'd recommend you take a look at the holistic section... see if there's any improvements to your diet that could help. There's a whole bunch of information on this website and the forums =) Welcome though.
  10. Hey again thought I'd chip in with how my experience is going. Cut down the fruit juices, added more baby spinach... tastes a lot less sweet now much more enjoyable. I shall def continue for 6 weeks =) I think the most important thing with them is to make sure that the blender/smoothie maker gets rinsed out straight after using it hehe.
  11. I was wondering today whether artificial sweeteners are better for you than sugarcane when it comes to hot drinks. Like with green tea, I can only bare to drink it with some form of sweetener. Though saying that, my partner bought "light sugar cane" that apparently has less calories... haven't bothered to look at what is actually in it though. I'm guessing its probably a sweetener after all.
  12. I Love this idea =) I don't think my smoothie is quite kosher though, because I used a fruit juice instead of water... but its an organic not-from-concentrate 100% fruit one, so it can't be thaat bad. Though my smoothie is very very sweet... tastes identical to what i'd usually get from lovejuice or boostbars though. It has a large handful of baby spinach in. The main ingredient is mango which explains the sweetness.