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  1. Where I live almonds and most other nuts in general are really expensive. I'm a college student right now and I only make minimum wage, which makes it difficult to buy enough to eat.
  2. Hey guys, So I've been on this anti-acne diet for about 3 months now and it has cleared me up fantastically! All I eat are veggies, fruits, nuts meats. Although it has been doing wonders for my skin, the diet has left me feeling incredibly weak. There are times when I don't even want to leave my house because I'm not feeling up to it. On top of this, I have been losing weight pretty dramatically. I feel like I'm starving myself, but I don't want to get off of the diet because it works so w
  3. Thanks a lot! I think I'll try out brown rice then. By the way, has anyone tried the GNC brand of probiotics?
  4. Hey guys, First of all, allow me to thank everyone who has made a positive contribution to this board. I was able to get nearly 100% clear by just following the advice of members from this forum. Anyways, I changed my diet around last year. I basically just avoid wheat/bread/sugar, eat as many fruits and veggies as I can(adequately spaced out to keep the GL of any meal sufficiently low), and avoid processed foods. It's pretty laid back, but it works very well for me as long as I remain str
  5. I started taking accutane about 5 months ago, and after finishing my third month, a series of unfortunate events unfolded, and has left me without the tane for the past 2 months. im going to be put back on it in 6 days, and i was wondering if anyone knew if i would start progressing as if i didnt stop taking it, if i was going to get another initial breakout, and if im going to have to take it for a longer amount of time than before.
  6. excercise drastically helps acne in my case. whenevr i go to florida and am able to excecise frequently and sweat all of my acne clears up.
  7. just saying they have more experience, and knowledge of what they're doing.
  8. it would probably be best to just have a dermatologist do it for you. I did that a while ago before my acne came back and it worked wonders.
  9. is there anything i can do for the red marks while im on the tane? anything at all would be appreciated. while im here i might as well let you guys know that chemical peels worked wonders for my redmarks, but im unable to use them while im on accutane, so im looking for other alternatives. thanks everyone.
  10. left it at my house, so i figured this could be an alternative for the night. think i should just go with warm water instead?
  11. ive heard about this for a while now, but i was wondering if there was any special way to make it, and use it and stuff.
  12. is it just exfoliation from the accutane, because no matter how much lotion i put on it comes back.