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  1. Does .1 tretinoin over .05 really make a huge difference? For rough texture/very shallow scarring?
  2. I have been on .05 tretinoin and havent noticed much difference. Can long term tret .1 improve very superficial scaring? Im having trouble finding much research on the Google machine.
  3. I just read through your whole thread, and you look great! Night and day difference. We really are our worst critics sometimes.
  4. Thanks..what percentage TCA would you recommend?
  5. What percentage TCA cross would you recommend for these boxcar scars
  6. Hello all, I have used this forum for years for acne scars, but since the treatment responses are always so helpful and detailed, Im wondering if anyone could help me determine the best options to possibly treat this 10+ old scar from a freak sports accident that results in several stitches and a broken nose? The skin in this area is SO very thin as well. Sorry if this is not allowed because it's not acne, but Im having trouble getting reaponses elsewhere, and this forum is alw