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  1. What realy works for me is applying jojoba oil before going to bed. Do you exfoliate? I've found the best method is the aspiring mask, after having it on for 15 minutes apply a bit of water then rub the aspiring against the face slightly. this has really helped me with blackheads, and i Barely get regular acne anymore and if I do it dissapears in 1-2 days (right now I have 0 actives). I've found out that when I don't exfoliate for 1-2 weeks is when my skin gets worse. I dont wash my face with
  2. I've started to have acne after I graduated from high-school, but it was just here and there, about 4 months ago i broke out with horrid cystic acne only, no small stuff just all cystic. I had been on bactrim before and the derm put me back on it, then i found out i had started to eat a ham sandwich for breakfast every morning, after I stopped this and stayed away from pork my face has taken a turn for the better. I have cystic scars but only get 1 cyst here and there on my back, I also use diff
  3. I aggree with what you said, my acne is mostly formed by stress - work -related and family related.
  4. I'd say do zinc as well. I take one 50 mg pill everyday, it literally cleared me in a couple of weeks. Now instead of cysts I get very small ones which are gone in 1 day or less.
  5. I had a pretty bad breakout about 2 months ago, went from 100% clear to 5-6 cysts on my jawline. I started to take my antibiotics again, as well as differin and duac. My acne was getting better but i had very bad marks, made it seem as if I still had a lot of active acne. So I browsed the forums and decided to give zinc and jojoba oil a try. I have been on it for about 2 weeks and it's been great so far. I could literally see the difference the next day. Once a week I'll rub the jojoba oil int
  6. Two things have changed my acne significantly. Zinc and jojoba oil. I bought zinc Pills, (50 mg) and have been taken them daily for 7 days now at the same time I bough jojoba Oil. I'm on differin 0.3, duac and bactrim, however the zinc and jojoba speeded the healing incredibly. the red-ness and scarring has subsided significantly. My regimen is as follows : morning wash with soap that comes with duac, followed by differin all over face as well as 1 bactrim pill Lunch - take 1 zinc pill with lun
  7. I'm not sure whether I missed it on your post but have you been to a dermatologist. I started to get Cystic Acne when I was 20 years old. I tried over the counter stuff, until my face was so bad I decided to see a derm (only cost me $10 copay). I was prescribed bactrim and differen 0.1. It took 6 months to my acne to subside and get better. after I was clear I stopped using everything then broke out again. It's been about a month and a half since I broke out, when to my derm got my pills and dif
  8. Try to see a derm as soon as possible. I had cystic acne and I would use over the counter products and they would help for a month or so then the acne would comeback with a vengeance. After seeing the dermatologist it took a year before my acne got better, and the red-marks dissapeared. I was on bactrim once a day, differin in the morning and another cream which i dont recall right now. I also changed my diet, ate more greens stayed away from butter, fast food places and dark sodas. I lost 5 p
  9. I was in the same boat as you. Althought my acne started when I was 18, and it seem to be related to stress as college season started it would get worse. I used to have mild acne and certain foods trigerred breakdowns. I tried proactive, and a whole bunch of over the counter stuff. 3 months before my wedding I looked in the mirror and decided to go to a derm. He prescribed me bactrim, and as of today (5 months later) I'm 99% Clear.I'd say go to a derm (talk to friends see if they know of a good
  10. Eating "junk" food has no bearing on acne. That is an old wive's tale that has been continually disproven. Eat what you want. Chocolate breaks me out almost instantly ( A breakout happening the following days) Food processed with industrial oil makes me break out as well, and dairy products, so yea "Junk Food" does break me out. I asked my dermatologist and he said to stay off foods that made me breakout. So, come to my house and tell my face that chocoloate and fast food are ok?
  11. I've stopped eating dairy and "greasy" foods. All I eat is fish and chicken, not fried but baked. My face is much better now, I only have 1 Cyst on my cheek and one close to my ear. My face feels much drier too. I use Sulfur Mask every night, and wash twice a day, and apply repairing lotion (2.5% bp) before I go to sleep. I had to slow down on the water intake, as I was going to the bathroom far too much. I still want to ask the derm if I should go on Accutane, so that I will be able to eat any
  12. I started to develop acne after high-school. It was mild and it varied by time. When I started college It got a lot worse. I found out that chocolate and fry food specially the one from chain stores broke me out. So to make the story short I've been 4 years without chocolate or McDonalds, Wendys, KFC... etc. (yes it's better to be off those foods). I've decided to finally visit my Dermatologist, and have an appointment for April 25th. Also I've started a no dairy, no fry food diet. I'm only eat