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  1. Hey all, Pretty much every couple of years it's becoming a bit of a tradition for the regimen to stop working for me, huge pimples to start appearing on my face, and for me to freak out until I figure out the cause. Last time, it was the Chinese-brand BP cream I was using suddenly not working any more (I live in China). I switched back to the British 'PanOxyl' brand and my problems immediately went away. This time, I'm still on PanOxyl (10% -- due to supply issues it was all I could ge
  2. Thanks for the advice. One thing I don't do is dispense a fingerful and then apply; I put dots all over my face and then rub it in.I am using quite a lot of it, and always have. I'll following the regimen more closely and see if it nets an improvement. Thank you again. One other thing I do -- the moisturiser almost never absorbs quickly enough, and I'm usually left with a 'moustache' of moisturiser that I wash away with water before I leave the house. The place where I live is very hot too,
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply. With me living in China, it's virtually impossible for me to get any products except those in the country. The BP here has always worked for me before. I'm thinking about just growing my beard out; A couple of years ago I didn't shave for a couple of months, and I seem to recall not really getting acne in that area. This is getting really depressing; I've got a massive pimple just under my mouth at the minute that's been growing for like a week straight. I really don't
  4. Hey, Ironically enough, a couple of months after I post a topic thanking acne.org and its users for helping me with my acne problem and having more or less overcome it for around three years, I've been breaking out for about a month now. Basically, I live in China and use a Chinese-brand 5% BP cream. I've used it for about two years. -- I use a Neutrogena non-comedogenic facewash, and have used the same one for around two years. -- I wash twice daily -- once in the morning an
  5. I knew a guy at work who used to get really bad cysts/nodules. REALLY bad. One time he had one that literally took up the entire space between his eyes -- it must have been an inch-plus across -- and I felt so, so bad for him, because I know how it feels. A couple of weeks later, I got a bad spot in the same damn place! He takes one look at it and freaks out, asking me what was wrong with me and making a big song and a dance about it in front of our colleagues. I was speechless that he woul
  6. The emotional drain of acne has always been the worst part for me. I think I was in a similar boat to you -- I'm from England too and during the worst of my breakouts I was in a position where I had no choice but to interact with people (I'm a school teacher) when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and wait until the pimples had gone away. One thing I'd recommend, on the mirrors front, is this: don't look in one from leaving the house until getting home. It's not worth it, because you
  7. Hey, I've been lurking and occasionally posting on this board for around seven years. For the past three or so years, I've been around almost not at all, however. The reason for that, I suspect, is the reason that most people stop posting here -- because they find something that works, and they don't need the support structure any more. The secret to my (semi-, and more on that in a minute) success is simple: the regimen. I know it doesn't work for everyone -- the whole reason acne is
  8. Leopold

    Sick Days!

    Acne-free people don't seem to get why it's such a big deal, but then again they're not the ones who have to deal with their skin PMS'ing on them for no particular reason. In any event, I've found they're not overly accommodating if ever I've confided in them- they think that you're overreacting. And maybe I am, but it absolutely sucks having acne. As for the work thing, I've rung in sick a couple of times when my skin has been particularly bad. I'm a teacher and I can't handle a class full of
  9. Nice post. Me and BP have currently fallen out for reasons that are entirely unclear to me- it's not the end of the world, it's only two spots, but one of them is absolutely huge.
  10. Um... I'm not looking for a miracle cure, and like I just posted the regimen is working for me. Actually it's not at the moment, I have a huge nodule on my forehead and a smaller spot on my cheek, but it's mostly working for me. It's the first large spot I've had in months, I'm just hoping it's a blip and not a sign of things to come. My skin wouldn't suddenly reject the regimen, would it? I mean, I thought that if it worked, it worked for good.
  11. For what it's worth, I kinda know what you're going through. I'm also a teacher and it sucks having to teach when you've got a faceful of acne. Perhaps the considerable climate change is a factor? Could be your skin is just adjusting to the change. Seems strange that it would be gone for so long and then pop up again.
  12. Have you tried 2.5-5% BP? I appreciate that your skin's sensitive, but using it along with a good moisturiser once a day to start with, and then upping it to twice a day after a month, might help somewhat.
  13. I just wanted to give a quick update- I've been applying 5% BP twice a day, plus moisturiser, for about four months now, and my skin is almost perfect. I'm very rarely getting spots- maybe one or two a month. I recently switched to cream-based BP (I live in China, so I get whatever my parents send me out) and it actually seems to be even better. My skin is slightly greasy with the cream-base, but I'm still not getting any spots. I recently used the gel-based BP for a week or so, and it has mad
  14. Mino stopped my acne for about a year and a half, on and off, and I came off it about two months ago. This was after my doctor assured me that building up a resistance to it was highly unlikely and I didn't need to worry about it- ill-informed bastard. It's really, really great while it works, but I've been left feeling a bit cheated by it to be honest, like I was given a taste of what life could have been before having it snatched away again.
  15. Supposedly your acne initially gets worse with such things because your body is forcing a lot of crap out through your skin- it's a sign of detoxification. I've read that book, though- anything that claims to help you and talks about how it empowered the writer's life without actually telling you the actual solution for a couple of chapters, is a con. You come across crap like that on the internet all the time.