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  1. I've never understood why girls or even guys think it's cool not to be one. I'm a virgin and will stay one until I meet a guy that truly cares for me. I think it's much more special that way.
  2. I know exactly how you feel. I feel too shy around guys because I don't know if they would accept me for my redmarks and my new breakouts since they've started to resurface after a long time of it being dormant. You're still young so try not to worry so much. Try focusing on things that make you happy like being with friends, playing video games, or whatever it is you like to do. I've been really depressed lately because I've been single for such a long time but I know that I've just got to push
  3. I was watching the Maury show once and a woman had silicone injected to her lips or face; can't remember. Anyway, her face later became ruined because of it and eventually died even though she was on his show. Collagen sounds best considering it's natural.
  4. www.skinsosmooth.co.uk It used to be www.skinwizard.co.uk but they changed it. Their peels are very nice. In case you don't know; always use baking soda to deactivate the peel.
  5. Morphia

    Quit Wasting you money/time.

    I used to be obsessed about my skin too a few years ago. I threw everything in my life away and later regretted it. Since a year ago I've been focusing on the important things in life and I'm happier. Anyway, you are very wise and I'm so glad you moved on. Congrats! I hope others will take your words to heart and try not being so hard on themselves. Life is too short and we really need to be living it to the fullest.
  6. Morphia

    Post accutane - What should I do?

    For redmarks people around here, at least in the scar section, recommend trying V-Beam or IPL laser. I'm going to try V-Beam soon.
  7. Morphia

    Does height matter alot on guys??

    I think dating someone who's only average or tall height is superficial. I honestly don't care.
  8. Morphia

    How V-beam changed the appearance of my scar

    Thanks for the info and update. "Knowledge is Power."
  9. Morphia

    How V-beam changed the appearance of my scar

    This treatment sounds more promising than IPL; at least in the threads I've read. I'm going to see if I can get this done.
  10. Have you found that they helped clear redmarks? It looks like your skin redness has gone down greatly.
  11. We can't always avoid these things.
  12. Morphia

    The Best Makeup Brushes

    Any brushes from MAC are awesome. They are expensive yet so worth the investment.
  13. Morphia

    Check my pic, what do I do?

    They were caused by my past acne. According to online articles I've read they are called redmarks yet supposedly if they don't go away in a year then they are considered scars. I don't know if that's true but I read that on some website a long time ago. All I'm using right now is an anti-aging serum which is suppose to help with aged/damaged skin regenerate itself. Anyway, thanks for the treatment suggestions.
  14. Morphia

    girls who have perfect skin

    It's insane. I've seen many girls with great skin caked up in makeup and constantly applying it. So strange. If I had a few minor blemishes I wouldn't be concerned enough to apply a face full of makeup. They look so matte and unnatural.