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  1. You are correct! But at the same time, they are all whole foods, organic, ect good stuff
  2. Maybe you should start smoking pot!! ! Joke, or not.
  3. Carbs... breaks down into sugar... suger = bad for your body. Its all in moderation. Personally, eating breakfast is over rated. Its all about the morning smoothie, just veggies and a little fruit. Make 2 1/2 cups of it, drink it from 6:30-9 am (my schedule) and than eat something at 11 or so. 4-5 meals per day, no bigger than your fist, fiber, protein, little carbs, little fat. Its really boring, but it makes you feel so good. Basically, anything that is manufactured, in my eyes, is not really
  4. Where is the protein? Your going nowhere in 12 hours without protein. Depending on what your trying to accomplish with the diet... wheat thins pretzels arent really 'good' foods, wheat is not very good for you, and its just carbs basically. Veggies and fruit are good, but try and get a ratio of good fat, protein and carbs. If you can keep a bag with an icepack with you at work, bring some grilled chicken, turkey ect. thats all i can say. www.whfoods.org
  5. If you dont know about this website, you need to. www.whfoods.org http://whfoods.org/foodstoc.php Take a look, they also have recipes that list all the nutrition info about it, calories, vitamins ect ect
  6. Thank you! I guess i could have googled and found something... but i also thought it would get a quick response here. But thanks! Thats good stuff, now i have to get over the strange feeling of mixing a banana with honey and lemon juice and putting it on my face, ha
  7. You have to think about where some people are coming from. They spent most of their life with the same diet patterns they were raised off. Obviously when people become self sufficient they change some things, but for the most part Americans have a trash diet. There is no natural foods, no vegetables, no fruit, nothing good for you! Some people eat a bran muffin in the morning thinking its good for you! Which it most def is not, an egg mcmuffin has les calories than a bran muffin from starbucks.
  8. wow three days and nothing.... come on people
  9. If you are trying to gain weight, you need to eat whey protein. Stay heavy on the protein, medium calorie intake, and GO LIFT SOME WEIGHTS! Well, im guessing you are young with a bunch of room mates... hrm well that sucks man, if you spending 30$ a day on food, thats a lot. That is almost 1000$ a month on food... anyways. Salads man, just have to eat salads and grilled chicken. Stay away from sandwiches, the bread is carb over load... same with tortillas, rice ect. Go to Mcdonalds.com and look
  10. I am not sure what people use as a mask at spa's and the sort, but it looks like avacado.. any clues here to an easy natural mask?
  11. Mangosteen, mangosteen mangosteen. There is a special class of antioxidents called Xanthones in this fruit. They are actually very strong anti inflammatorys, amazing fruit. The same thing though, it is very expensive if you can even find it in the US. I use a juice from it called Xango, works wonders with a lot of differant health issues. Also, if anyone knows what C-reactive protein is, its the measurment of inflamation in the blood vessels, thats what really tells you how close you are to a he
  12. It all depends on the person, differant food allergies are unique for everyone. For me personally, i dont eat ANY dairy, i might have an egg or two once a week at the most. But milk, cheese, butter, cream anything dairy, i beleive makes me break out within 48 hours. Just make sure you eat a lot of organic veggies. What does your diet consist of during a three day period?
  13. Diet affects some types of acne. Just putting garbage food into your is doing more than making you breakout. There is a reason why 80% of americans are over weight, and 50% will die of cardivascular diease. Thats a bad sign, seeing as fast food, or quickly prepared food, preserved food has been a staple in our society since the 50's. Its horrible, i cant beleive people eat what they eat and wonder why they feel like shit. 5 servings of fresh produce a day will add an average of 14 years to your
  14. I drink a smoothie every morning for breakfast. No protein added, only veggies and fruit with some natural juice. Spinach is so good for you, its a must every morning. Dont use apples, they really have a low nutrition value for what they are, and when you blend them, they turn to pulp basically. I also add carrots as well, some green and orange, good stuff. Spinach Carrots Banana Xango mangosteen juice - its a natural anti inflammatory, only 3 oz's, also anti oxident BLueberries are a must, goo
  15. Hey im new here, never would have thought there would be an acne.com for some reason... but cool. Anyways, a friend told about some juice 4 months ago, said it might help to clear up my skin. Didnt really see how a fruit juice could do anything, but i started drinking it everyday, and actually use it as a topical, and im cleared up 95% in the fourth month. Ive also taken a fish oil suppliment and CoQ10 for the last 2 months. After 6 years of nothing working, its about time. I guess the fruit it