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  1. I've been on the regimen for about a year now and have had great results. My skin has been about 95% clear for the past 9 or 10 months or so, with just a small pimple every now and then. But about a month ago my skin started turning red and blotchy in the areas where I used BP. The texture of the areas is very rough and leathery. When I stop applying BP the redness subsides after a few days and the area dries up and flakes off. Has anyone else had something like this happen? Is it possible to
  2. Hello fellow Cleveland-er!

  3. this one took a lot out of me. no title...my titles are meaningless anyways. they met in another lifetime two creatures from polar opposites on a singular diaspora. the first glance was kismet, fate personified. and what started as breeze shooting quickly became unmitigated intimacy, as if they'd known each other forever. she was a fallen angel with gossamer wings, struggling to keep flight, soaring in pursuit of the invisible hoping to find everything she wanted in one locale. and he was a lo
  4. Go for it. I'd surmise that many, many parents have absolutely no idea what is best for their children, especially in adolesence and beyond. And sadly, in more cases than we think parents actively hinder the development of their children. This is between you and your doctor now, so their opinion shouldn't weigh too heavily on your mind. However, I think you should try to have an adult conversation with them about the matter, lest they bother you endlessly. Hope all goes well!
  5. Same here. It's very mesmerizing, and his voice fits the music perfectly.
  6. Some downtempo stuff... Stateless - Inscape M83 - By The Kiss Caia - [email protected] Bar And some upbeat stuff... Daft Punk - Digital Love Justice - D.A.N.C.E. The Toxic Avenger - Escape (Bloody Beetroots Remix) Boys Noize - & Down Daft Punk - High Life And some more traditional music for the hell of it... Matthew Good - Weapon Feist - Mushaboom I could do this all day, so I'll stop now. Hopefully some people like these selections.
  7. Not sure how I feel about the idea, but I don't think these sort of antiquated grade school vestiges have any place in adulthood. Not to say there's no merit here, as empirical studies have shown that social support and health outcomes have a positive linear relationship. Unfortunately the only study I remember off the top of my head involved Swedish men and the prevalence of cardiovascular heart disease. *blink*
  8. I love Sunday mornings. My routine is to wake up a tad early (helps in getting me to bed at a reasonable hour), shower, make some coffee and watch Meet the Press and generally bum around. It's definitely my favorite time of the week...until about 1:00 PM. Thereafter, it freaking blows.
  9. Definitely spoke too soon about the IB. The morning after my last post I woke up with about 6 more big ones on my face, four of them forming a perfectly straight line down my right cheek. Kind of funny actually. The ones from when my IB first started seem to be finally clearing up, so that's good news. Lips seem to have built up a tolerance or something to Aquaphor. I used to be able to go for 4-5 hours after putting some on, but it's down to about an hour now. Anybody else had this problem? V
  10. Crest White Strips worked for me, but only lasted about 6 months. They're also kind of a pain to put on and keep there for 30 mins, especially the lower teeth. But 6 months for 30 bucks is a pretty good deal.
  11. And what causal link do you propose exists between the two?

  12. if you dont accept acne, how can you ever bee free form acne?

  13. IB seems to be slowly going away, I haven't had any new ones in the past two days. The lingering ones are still really pretty though. Nice and shiny. Derm cancelled my appointment Friday because he's going to be out of town. He can't get me in until next Thursday, so I'm going to be without accutane for three days. Also have to miss two classes to get in to see him. Yay. I've also decided that aside from the IB and cracked lips, the hardest part of accutane is actuallying getting to the blood