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  1. I agree with what others have said about red meat. Evidence suggest that scavenging and hunting herbivores(=red meat) on the African savanna was profoundly influential in providing early man with the necessary nutrition to develop a large complex brain. We have been eating red meat for thousands of years. If it red meat is causing you problems its probably because your digestive system has been trashed though poor diet choices in the past or your eating meat from unhealthy feedlot animals.
  2. Quinoa is great in its own way but you cant really compare it to rice. Brown rice and wild rice are way more flavorful. With quinoa I typically have to add a lot more seasoning to enjoy it than I have to do with a good unbleached/unhulled rice. Quinoa is great for sprouting though. Its probably the easiest grain to sprout and only takes a day. Its very palatable to eat it just as the raw sprout. For those with problems eating grains I would be interested to see how they respond to sprouted grain
  3. I highly doubt protein in itself has any negative effect on acne. Protein is essential for all kinds of functions in the body. Have you considered that maybe your body is not producing the necessary digestive enzymes to break down protein and fat, and that is the reason they are causing you problems.
  4. It barely smells. I actually like the smell of acv though so its not a big deal.
  5. Holy shit man this stuff is amazing!! I just tried it out and from just one application I can see the potential of this stuff. Ive used toners before but not one of them has ever actually "toned" my skin. I used a 50/50 acv/water solution and dabbed it all over. It was a little red for a few minutes but now my entire face has much more even tone to it. Amazing!! I think I might try diluting the acv down to 25% and see if it eliminates the initial redness, since I have really sensitive skin. Ive
  6. Sounds good. I might try out topical acv and see if it helps with red marks. Right now Im just washing with water then moisturizing with jojoba oil and sometimes tea tree.
  7. Could you describe your topical regimen in more detail. Do you use a a cleanser or just water? How often do you use the acv? Do you moisturize with anything? etc.. Congratulations on finding something that works for you.
  8. Rice is fine in moderation, just dont base your diet on it, same goes with all carbs. If you cant handle gluten you can always go for vegetable spirals or a non glutenous grain pasta made from rice, quinoa, etc..
  9. I think the flakiness comes from constantly using cleansers daily that accelerate the shedding of skin cells. When you stop using them all of sudden your skin needs time to regenerate and get out of that vicious cycle. The first couple weeks you will see the most shedding but after that it slowly starts to go away. Jojoba oil helps to balance out this problem and restore your natural skin.
  10. First thing first is to chill out and relax. Your putting off some seriously stressful vibes, and thats just from text, I can only imagine how stressed out you must actually be. Stress is probably causing you just as many health problems, including acne, as your diet or anything else. Have you been tested, how do you even know for sure what you are allergic too. Don't fall into the hypochondriac mind games that come with trying to self diagnose health problems. Its really easy to fall into that
  11. Be careful with working out too much. To "work out" literally means to expend energy externally, causing a break down of tissue, which then rebuilds itself. Some people dont have the energy to begin with to do that everday. They may think its healthy but at the same time it may be doing more harm than good. You should focus or "working in" just as much as working out. Working in leaves you with more energy than you started with instead of draining you. You need to switch back and forth so you ca
  12. It would be interesting to see how a sprouted whole grain fiber rich bread would compare to bread made from bleached white flour in raising insulin levels.
  13. How old are you and what type of acne do you have? Whats is your topical regimen, including the products you are using? Diet helps but its by no means the whole story or the only way to fight back against acne. You can holistically combat acne by eating a well rounded diet, avoiding specific foods you maybe allergic to, and using only natural products on your skin.
  14. I couldnt agree more. The mind is extremely powerful and stressing about the food you are eating, and truly believing it will break you out can be just as powerful as actually eating a food you have an allergic sensitivity to.
  15. Well after reading threads from people who had great success just washing with water I figured what the hell Ive tried everything else this cant hurt. Ive had great success clearing up my skin through diet, but alone it was only part of the puzzle. About 3 weeks ago I was using Purpose cleanser followed by jojoba and tea tree oil. I was still suffering from mild inflamed acne. Now all I do is wash with warm water, followed by a splash of cold, then moisturize with about 3 drops of jojoba oil and