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  1. I can agree on that, for rolling scars mostly some HA filler, Sculptra could be also good (widespread scars). I'm also dealing with same type of acne scarring, mostly rolling with quite alot of fat loss. In normal light my scars are visible but really not bad. My anxiety and also PSTD starts to flare up when i check myself in direct sunlight / tinted car windows / overhead lights / rear view mirror/ ELEVATORS. So i know the struggle really, lighting can be our friend or enemy when we have acne s
  2. Very good results, with filler it’s gonna even better for rolling scars.
  3. https://cutisclinic.dk/international/ €2,016.44 + consultation.
  4. Hello, Anyone who tried Taylor liberator subcision by Dr Emil Henningsen (EU)? Was he trained by Mark Taylor? And how safe is TL compared to cannula? I have mostly rolling scars with volume loss, i will try cannula subcision and if it doesn't work i will try TL by Dr. Emil.
  5. Yeah i will try cannula subcision in my country (TL is not available), if cannula subcision with filler doesn't help i will fly to Denmark to get TL done, because i have quite severe rolling scarring with volume loss It looks scary, but Dr. Henningsen looks like he cares about his patients.
  6. But derm/surgeon can feel if the tethers has been broken after subcision? What about Nokor?
  7. So subcision is waste of money as i can see? I have really deep rolling scars and plastic surgeon and derm. they all reccommended me cannula subcision with filler.
  8. Yeah, but what if you have deeper rolling scars? If you do only subcision the scars can retether even deeper and cause more atrophy.
  9. Hello, did anyone tried minoxidil to hide acne scars with beard? Does deep rolling scne scars affect beard growth?
  10. What about cannula subcision / cannula subcision with filler?
  11. Trust the process, Dr. Lim has alot of of experience with acne scarring. Wishing you a good luck and good healing. Can't wait for your results!
  12. It looks hilarious to be white in the face but have tanned body LOL Damn scarring really sucks i can't even tan a have a good golden color.............
  13. Hello, I have quite alot of pitted rolling acne scars with some fat loss. I'm pale and want to get some tan, should i apply selftanner or try to use Melanotan II with a little sun exposure 15min a day. Scars are 8-10 years old. Will scars be more visible if i tan and look worse?
  14. 70-80% of improvement is rare actually only if you have really mild scars. If we get 30-50% we can be happy thu years of treating. I have rolling scars with fat loss.
  15. Tretinoin helps with scarring, but it takes 6 months + to see very small % of improvement.