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  1. Hey, I tried a tablespoon of ACV in a glass off water (500ml) yesterday. I had a hard time gettin it down. I couldnt' take the taste, I only got through half, it ruined the taste of my water. SO i was wondering if I could just take a tablespoon straight from the spoon then drink some water over it OR add a spoon to a third of water and drink that then drink some more water over that?
  2. does it matter if the acv is organic or not? and can i jus take a spoon of acv and take it straight than drink some water over it?
  3. WHY? Wal-mart canada has stacks of em. I jus bought a big bottle of it (680g) last week. for 4-5$
  4. Same thing i live in Canada i use to use herbal logix. I use to buy it from shoppers drug mart aswell. I think i went throught about 3 or 4 tubes...it seemed to be doing pretty good and also not causing any adverse affects. But one day i went to buy sum more and couldnt find it at SDM cheked other Sdm same result cheked after weeks same thing....so i jus stopped.....now usin aha neutrogena healthy skin sensitve
  5. I was completely gonna drop moisturizers but i can't cuz i know ill dry up badly....so i wanna try these natural mositurizers but which one should i get emu or jojoba oil? Which is better in regards to how well it moisturizesabsorption how easy to apply red marks active acne aggravation of acne value and i live in Canada so where can i buy any of these???? Thanks in advance
  6. thanks im gonna try this out also if im not mistaken isnt SALYCTIC ACID the same thing as BETA HYDROXY ACID BHA = SA?
  7. what the shit is this mofo talkin bout?
  8. Are u sure? How do u know? and doesnt the popular euricen renewal have this around this %?
  9. Cool thanks for the fast reply. So how long did it take you to notice ur redmarks were fading and do u use 2 pumps?
  10. I bought Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion Sensitive weeks ago but been too scared to use it so far. It contains 8% aha. My current regimen is pretty simple wash with spectro gel/ and take 2 nature's cure pills a day/ apply 100% aloe vera and complex 15 daily face cream. My skin gets oily overnight and in the evening......also it easily dries up. Anyhow i use to do dan's reg couple yrs ago and got okay results but it killed my face complexion made skin all red and blue like i just came out of