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  1. Do you have pink or red skin on the nose where the problem was? I am so close to “healed skin” but the reddened skin persists and any picking at it will purge additional small white extractions either cylindrical or round shaped. The skin in the area is easily flaked and peeled. This is clearly a viral infection or fungal reaction. I don’t know.
  2. I have not tried it. I will check it out. Is it making the plugs disappear, or what exactly is it doing to improve the condition? Thanks for the info.
  3. The bitch is back. Noticed more prevalent white spots and spent two days extracting them, the former red spot became slightly prominent again, and after further pushing today fluid began emerging from just under the skin in the area, and a couple of deep tissue white spots burst (with more fluid), and the whole of the skin layer that seems to be “infected” began peeling away. The skin in the “wound” seems unusually moist and ready at any instant to molt and peel away like it has been dead skin f
  4. TAO is triple antibiotic ointment. I’m so glad such a common OTC product seems to work so well. I’m holding off on the Shockwave for now since my face is clear. Hopefully this issue is behind me. Glad to hear it’s working for you.
  5. Fun Gus - I have not changed my name. I was the one asking you if the FIBERLOCK was a scam. I’m genuinely here to seek help. I can’t speak for the others.
  6. I just wanted to update that my nose is completely healed! Woke up this AM to a tiny flake or two of skin on my nose that I simply pulled off but beyond that, no redness, no sore, nothing. All I did differently was last week I applied a layer of Triple Antibiotic Ointment all over the sore on my nose and surrounding area. I let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Wiped off the residue etc. and at night continued to apply TAO to the inside of my nose and use astringent on my face. The next day I no
  7. So the Shockwave stuff is a scam add? Why would anybody go through the trouble of finding such an obscure issue/topic and detail their treatment with such a niche product? Truly baffling at what people do online. Thanks for the heads up to whomever pointed this out a page back.
  8. Do you have a ratio of water to Shockwave? Very interested in trying this. Have you had any recurrence since treatment? Awesome and thanks for sharing. Also I just wanted to update on my problem area - this most definitely can not be a herpes lesion (I stated that I have had these on the nose) due to the way it presents and does not heal. Herpes HEALS. This is a multilayered dermal issue that has left a reddish hue to the problem area and the skin flakes, and anytime I decide to prod
  9. I’m so dismayed. I’ve gone longer than I have all last year without any spots so far in 2021, however I have had a lingering spot right at the tip of my nose I’ve been trying to let heal. It can go three or four days getting less visible by using Gold Bond moisturizing cream and carefully plucking at any flaky skin surrounding it. But it seems just as it begins to fully heal it will roughen up around the edges and cause some sort of “circle” surrounding the inflamed red skin. This drives me nuts
  10. So these carotene / keratin plugs are basically an under studied symptom right? The medical community really doesn’t understand them or how to prevent them? It seems bizarre to me that enough people haven’t showed these symptoms to warrant further understanding or study. They emerge and present differently from the skin. I can push my nose (where typical filament and sebaceous pus or white heads will emerge), but in addition to the stuff everybody gets and knows, if it’s in the “infected” area,
  11. Okay, so I have a minute to chime in here. 3 years ago I began experiencing oral herpes (cold sores) in very bad outbreaks that would recur often. Until I knew how to manage them and not to pick at them, I often made them worse. They have stopped in frequency and severity over the past 3 years (as my immune response has gotten better) and now when I do get them they are essentially small spots that are barely visible for a day or two. Not the weeks at a time of 3 years ago. I recall wh
  12. Posting to come back later. I’ve finally found a corner of the internet with shared symptoms. Incredible. How do you delete posts? Sorry for the sloppy post above with the erroneous quote.
  13. Aussie Scientist - is this still active? I’m looking for help in this very subject. Please refer to the email above and please contact me if you could be of help. This is a nightmare skin condition whatever it is and I want to get it under control.