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  1. Anything?! I'll even take ideas. My doctor gave me a pretty generalized answer.
  2. My skin breaks out all the dang time. The only thing I've found to clear my skin is taking the birth control pill Lo Loestrin FE, which is considered an ultra-low dose pill. I know this is the case as I've gone on it for long periods of time and off of it for long periods of times several times with the same result each time I start/stop (significantly clearer skin). However, I experience side effects from this (and from a couple of other BC pills I've tried - the main concern being horrendously
  3. I have been taking birth control (regular dose, not low) with .18mg norgestimate and .035mg of ethinyl estradiol. It cleared my face about 90% in four months. It also made my face WAY less oily (I used to have to blot 4 - 5 times a day, now I never do) but in turn, my lips were cracked and peeling 24/7. So, my doctor switched me to a low dose birth control pill, Lo Lestrin Fe. I've only been taking it about two weeks, but my skin is definitely breaking out more. Obviously my acne is linked t
  4. Thanks! I'll give it a try and hope for the best.
  5. I am looking for something to add to my green smoothies I make in the morning. I purchased the Supergreen Powder from Trader Joe's for 19.99 and am wondering if the ingredients are good for skin, or if there is a better green powder you may know of out there! Prop. Antioxidant blend - 2010mg organic barley grass juice, chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa concentrate, ioinic trace minerals Prop Antiox blend 2000mg Organic carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, parsley powdered juices Prop
  6. Hello, after doing a bit of research on turmeric capsules, it seems in order for them to be most effective, they should contain piperine (pepper which magnifies the effects of the curcumin), they should be enteric coated (in order to get past the stomach acid), and they should also be standardized (same amount of curcumin in each capsule, i.e., 95% curcumin). I have been unable to find a capsule that is all of these things. Any suggestions?
  7. Thank you so much for the replies! I'm going to check them all out
  8. I have been using Everyday Minerals for about four years. Recently, I took a week off of work due to a personal emergency and wore makeup about 25% of the time I do during the week when I work 8 - 5, and noticed my acne slowly but surely improving. I can't be sure as to whether it was no makeup or just a coincidence, but I want to try out a new mineral makeup and see if it makes any difference. My skin is extremely acne prone and I have 20 given pimples on my face at any given time, along with a
  9. Your skin is looking much better! Best of luck to you on the rest of your journey.
  10. I just bought some organic ground flaxseed today. I have heard it is good for acne and I have also read that it does nothing for acne and may even make it worse. Any experiences?
  11. Thank you for all of the great advice! I will have to look into some of these suggestions. My diet has been pretty good lately, I am just not great with keeping it extremely strict...I get frustrated! When I do constantly watch it, I feel like it runs my life. But for the most part, it is pretty healthy with very minimal dairy and whatnot.
  12. I started taking doxycycline this past Monday (5 days ago). In doing some research, I have found people who say it is bad for you and will just end up making your acne worse when you stop taking it because the acne bacteria becomes even more resistant, which needless to say, scared the hell out of me...I do not need my face getting worse. The second thing they mentioned was that if you do decide to go forward with taking this antibiotic, that because it kills both good and bad bacteria, you ne
  13. That is my hope...I have given up on this struggle with my skin! Really hoping BC will do the trick. Did you break out more/in different places when you first started BC? And did your skin start clearing up around the 3 month mark or sooner? Thanks