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  1. No....dr has done cross treatment on number of scars but those scars are deep which are more highlighted than other mild scars
  2. Yeah it's 75% tca cross...but can i wash my face with only normal water???.... Can I apply moisturiser??? My doctor said to me that he will do next tca cross treatment after 4 month (November) until he will do laser treatment in next month (july) . . .... Below pic is 21 hr after tca cross treatment
  3. When to wash face with cleanser after tca cross treatment?
  4. Can collagen powder improves acne scars?
  5. Hi... Whenever I pull my skin scars go disappear then scars are tethered or not??.. These are two pics and plz let me know are they tethered or not? And I'm pulling in right or wrong way?
  6. Can i combine tca cross treatment with subcision and fractional co2 laser or any other treatment?
  7. Really really sorry for delaying replay... As u said I have to take treatment of tca cross but how many sessions of tca cross should be done? And what should be duration between two settings of tca cross?... And last one which one is better phenol cross or tca cross for my scars.... My aim is to reduce rolling scars first then look after other one's....
  8. Should I take treatment of punch excision, punch elevation and punch grafting before tca cross ( for tethered rolling scars)?
  9. Recently I posted about my scars which was on left side of cheek so now I'm posting for right cheek... From these pics can anyone say what kind of scars is it ? I know some are tethered scars there but red marks scars are Erythrema or pigmentation and what about other scars? How to improve this skin texture and tone?
  10. Yeah I will surely do tca cross but it should be done alone or combine with other treatments?
  11. Thanks for advice but what kind of subcision should be done nokor, cannula or taylor laberator ? And which one is better fat grafting or filler ?
  12. I have acne scars and I know that scars will never go but it will be reduced at certain level so I will do two types of treatment one is acne scars treatment and another one beard transplant to hide some acne scars (I have patchy beard ) but I'm in dilemma which one should be done foremost? First beard transplant and then scars treatment or vice versa? Plz suggest?
  13. Yeah these scars show noticeable border... Pics from different lighting how to treat this ( Mark one with orange color) scar?