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  1. I would suppose the depth of your scar would dictate how deep you need to go with the laser? I wonder if all scars need deeper tissue injury than Affirm. I suppose by virture of the fact they are scars that means they are rooted deep in the epidermis and we have to reach that area to remodel them. If Affirm does remodel the scar (at least in a minimal way) I wonder if that would be permanent or if you dont get to the very root of the scar if it will "come back" if I can use that phrase.
  2. I am still red and have some circles from the laser on my chin area. I hope this will resolve within the next day or two. As far as results, I think I notice some softening of the edges of the scars but it's too early to tell. I have no idea how this treatment is going to work. My PS did say Affirm will remodel the scar to some degree but I dont know the level of improvement just yet as it takes several weeks for cell regeneration. I have two scars, one on either side of the nose that I am
  3. I just did Affirm # 2 today. My RN went from the last treatment set at 3.5 to 4 today. There was a difference in comfort at the higher level but she uses a topical to take the edge off. Next time I will be administered a pain killer for the proceedure. She passed once full face then came back and hit the scars or any other small crows feet-nasal folds twice (in some cases 3 times). When she mentioned that she was moving up to a 4 today I didn't pay that much attention to it...after all, whats a
  4. Hello I started Affirm TX yesterday for rolling and box scars (mild to moderate) on the mid face . Anyone know what the difference is between the Affirm/Fraxel/Sciton? I am post Accutane x 1.5 years. The acne has been completely gone since treatment. After treatment it felt like my face was on fire for about an hour or two. The actual treatment was pretty painless because of the topical. 24 hours later I'm still a bit pinkish but good enough to go out without make up (im not a make up perso