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  1. Hi Chris ..Thanks for your information .. Just wondering .. when you had fraxel re:store done .. did the doc performed by using the narrower roller tip or larger roller tip. ? coz I found that narrow roller tip causes more scarring then larger one . Also .. what type of fraxel re:store machine was it ? was it SR750 or SR1500 ? (SR750 machine is the one you use the blue ink and SR1500 is the newer vesion and it doesnt require any ink ) I mainly have rolling scars and I ve been doing
  2. I have done fraxel back in 2002- 2003 using the first fraxel machine that came out .. fraxel SR750 ? or something .. (it uses blue ink) anyways , instead of getting good results , I actually gotten few scars from fraxel on my temporal area .. I also read few stories from people who recieved the treatments actually end up with more scars from fraxel.. If this is true then do you think fraxel can be work as resurfacing scar treatment ? like co2 laser ? these scars which I got from fraxel
  3. I start my self needling from 27th of feb.. and so far i m satisfied with the results ... I dont know about scars filling it .. but there is a definet swollen effect after i needle.. and it usually remain filled for 2 days .. which means i have no depressed scars for 2 days !! although it does turn bit pink but using make up based sunscream helps to cover redness a bit .. plus i rather have pink scar where there is no depression then having a scar with depression .. I m going to
  4. hi guys i m also doing the self needling .. and i found the best way is to do is by using acupuncture needles .. what you do is .. you put 3 acupuncture needles toghther and glue it with superglue.. that way its much easier to control depth and takes much quicker just go to your local acupuncturist .. they will probably sell it to you for few cents each .. try to get the very smaller size acupuncture needles .. they are much easier to use .. good luck ~
  5. whats the difference between PRS3 and Fraxel ? anyone ?
  6. btw, since youve had so many procedures done, which was the best? i have mild-shallow rolling scars. and since you said you have those, which procedure did you notice helped them the most? thanks. I would say subcision 25% improvement co2 laser 10% tca cross on ice pick scars only = 30%-50% fraxel = 20%-25% needling = cant really say how much improvement i had.. coz i only tried once .. but i ll be doing more treatments done in april onwards.. good luck
  7. i went to see her 3 days ago !!! we talked a lot about needling & i decided to get it done in 2 months time .. yeah i do recommend her .. she has lot of experience on needling .. 4 years at least .. probably be the first person to practice needling in australia .. this is her number so you should just go see her to find out more about needling .. 02) 9328-7111 good luck
  8. If you want the real improvement with fraxel .. then i believe you need to combine treatment with needling .. dermaroller 1.5mm or 2mm or having needling treatment done before this treatment at least .. fraxel alone wont bring you a satisfactory results (unless if you have very very tiny shallow rolling scars) or if you only want the 20%-25% max improvement .. trust me .. i have all kinds of scars shallow rolling , shallow box, ice pick and for last 5 years i ve done subcision , co2
  9. hi .. do you know how long were the needles were ? the lenghth of the needle .. cheers
  10. yeah ... fraxel should only cost $100-$200 per treatment .. dont pay so much money for this treatment .. coz it aint gonner bring your bucks worth of result .. just wait till they drop the price ...
  11. I would say fraxel is waste of money ... when you see the result and the price you pay .. I had total of 7 Fraxel laser treatments done .. and it only gave me 20-25% improvements max! ... some shallow scars didnt react at all .. yep 0% (btw i have mainly shallow rolling scars about 40of em .. ) The energy levels were 20-21-22 .. I also found i had better result on my scars where i did laser treatment from previous .. I really think this whole fraxel thing is waste of money ... it w
  12. Hi the settings where 20-21-22 .. and i did all 7 of the treatments 10 days apart .. fraxel made me 3 little shallow scars on my temple area .. but it gave me 20-25% improvements my shallow rolling scars on my cheek .. so i m somewhat happy with the result... I posonally dont think its worth the money ... but if you combine roller type needling 1.5mm " with fraxel .. i would say the result will be much higher .. just my thoughts..
  13. hi.. I have just started using Retin-A since yesterday .... do they really give u good result on shallow scars ? i have done fraxel already (total of 7) .. and i m not that happy with the result .. maybe 20% ? . by the way that pic i put is the picture i took before fraxel laser treatment.. ..cheers ..
  14. PICTURE erased pic was taken right underneath the lights ... I have done subcision , co2 from passed ... and it only helped me about 40% ? do u guys think i should do needling treatment ? thanks for reading .. aaa.bmp aaa1.bmp aaa.bmp aaa1.bmp