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  1. That's a pretty huge improvement. My question is, how often did you just rinse with water? Just whenever you felt like it needed it?
  2. All I will say is I have health problems ever since I took it (3 years ago), not fun health problems. And unless you have severe acne and were highly contemplating suicide, then it's just not worth it. Accutane can effect your health in many ways, they call it the last resort for a very good reason. It's easy to get blinded by acne, you tend to want to do anything to fix it, it's nice to think a simple pill can fix your problem, but it can also cause many. I went on it thinking absolutely nothi
  3. I'm not sure it's as simple as that but I think that is a huge reason as to why products can both seem like they're helping yet make it worse.
  4. You can but it might not be best to start that way, let your skin get use to it first. My only issue with the AHA is my skin feels so damn oily with it on, it's definitely not practical in my opinion for day use if you're going to be leaving the house, just night. As for expiring, I'm not sure, probably takes several years.. I just started using mine again and I've had it for probably a year as well. It's exactly the same as it was when I got it so I doubt it's bad, so yours is probably fine.
  5. BP bleaches everything, including your skin, and including your hair. My eyebrows and hair closest to my face have spots that are quite a bit lighter in color then what they normally should be, due to BP over the years. I would say clothes are the last thing to worry about, that's easily avoidable.
  6. It's of very good quality no doubt, my only problem with it is I found it pretty poor at stopping zits while I was out and about. With some other BP product I can usually go out for a late night without later going to a mirror and finding out a zit or 2 came out during the night. While with the acne.org BP gel I would sometimes find that would happen, so I couldn't rely on it. The problem was my skin was getting too oily too quick with it. And when you go out on a friday night or something y
  7. Yes too much, especially if you are applying something on it afterwards like BP. I assume you're just using the wash though. Unless you're skin is all super oily or sweaty in the middle of the day I would just stick to 2 times.
  8. Not at all man, accutane is not a miracle get rid of acne product, it's more like a roll of the dice. You can either be lucky and clear your acne with no bad side effects, or you can change your life forever with health issues. Even if you get through a course with no bad side effects, that doesn't mean it won't happen later on. Your skin isn't bad at all, and it's something that can be improved through other means. I was one of the people who thought nothing would happen to them and it'd be fi
  9. I don't think many people here on an acne forum are going to be ones to judge others for acne. I think we're too worried about our own skin and what people think to care about other peoples. Personally, I'm usually more comfortable around people with acne. Just because when someone has acne, they tend to be less judgmental of others and much more down to earth. Some people with gorgeous skin who've never had a problem with it tend to be stuck up and judgmental. They tend to assume that we aren
  10. I always try and post about my experience with accutane when I can Basically I was a kid who really wanted completely perfect skin, and had mild acne at best, but it bothered me. I got ahold of some (generic), and I was on it for less then a month and it was working pretty well despite being on a very low dose. Anyway that's when the problems happened. Several UTI's, painful shitting, I had one experience where I had the most painful ab pains you could possibly imagine for about 10 minutes. Do
  11. I noticed the main spots you are breaking out is the same spots you are shaving. Use some neutrogena acne shave cream, along with a good 2-3 blade razor, I recommend gillette sensor. Always shave down, which is the direction the hairs grow, never shave upwards against the hairs, it will irritate the shit out of your skin and cause a lot of breakouts. In the long run it will be better for your skin to shave everyday as well. Take your time when you do it. I have pretty mild acne, but I think 50
  12. I recommend trying clinique acne line, the 3 steps. Im not in school anymore, but I can say compared to other 3 step systems like proactiv, acne.org, etc, clinique keeps my face less oily much longer then those do. Plus it's just far better. It has BP in it, but you'd be using it before you go to school.
  13. Have you tried just switching to different products? There's some stuff out on the market that is suppose to help control oil, whether it works or not I don't know. But it could easily be what you're using. Some products for me have my face feeling oily again sooner then others. I've been using clinique 3 step for several months and it does seem to help control oil for a little longer then most products. It's the only skincare system I'll use at the moment (and I've tried lots), so I'd recommen
  14. I've used Exposed, I haven't used it in a long time but I don't remember it being very greatt. If you're reading about it online and hearing so many good things about its probably because it has an affiliate program, so people will call it amazing and wonderful just to get you to buy it and make themselves some commission. Trust reviews from real people on websites like amazon and such, never trust websites that seem to praise a product. By all means try it though, I don't remember it being ho
  15. Just my opinion, but acne free is garbage. Same ingredients sure, but there's a HUGE difference in quality. Proactivs cleanser is probably the best part, acnefree doesn't have the small exfoliating beads or "micro crystals", whatever you want to call it but to me it makes it feel like a better clean, acne free is just unpleasant to use. Not to mention the treatment doesn't go on nearly as clear as proactiv, and overall acne free irritated my skin way worse. The toners in both are just garbage,