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  1. The “doctor” was a physician assistant and she was a dime of dozen. Not that she did a bad job, but that the job anyone with training can do it (my opinion). Yes, I’ll link the journals #1 Co2 and ethnic skin https://www.skinlaser.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Single-pass-CO2-Laser-Skin-Resurfacing-of-Light-and-Dark-Skin-Extended-Experience-with-52-patients.pdf #2 Co2 on ethic skin and it shows results of low hyperpigmentation https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC38702
  2. Hi! I go on Google and type in for example “Co2 laser Austin” or “erbium laser Seattle” meaning that I type in the machine/procedure and I type in my city. I surf through the results which is usually med spas, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, etc. and I read the website. I then read the reviews. I then read the doctor’s name on the website and copy paste on real self to see if anyone left a review or to see if the doctor has scar revision pictures. From there, I usually call the office and ask
  3. Here is my scars under shadow lighting. I am posting this to show you how they would look at their “worst”. This was taken today at June 14, 2021 at 9:30pm at night. This is with as little swelling as possible too. My right side is my “worst” side while my left side is a little less. The right side is always posted first and the left side posted last.
  4. I’m not a doctor, but it could be temporary. It could be the scars remodeling itself and it takes up a “weird” or abnormal texture for the mean time. You did right in contacting your doctor. Update me on what he responds with.
  5. Hello everyone! This is my update on the second Erbium laser that I got in March of 2021. It’s been about three months since then so let me show you my current skin. For those who do not know, after three months, the swelling is gone and the remodeling of the scars should have occurred around this time period. This is when you should take pictures to assess progress and compare to your skin before the treatment. Hopefully doctors can change to this method of showing scar progression be
  6. Oh, sorry to hear about your experience with using tarozarc. Yes, when I first started using tarozarc mg skin purged for three months, I didn’t pick it though. Now, my skin can’t live without tarozarc it seems like... if I don’t use it for three days my skin gets crazy with acne. My skin is probably addicted. I have a lot of sebum production (very oily glands everywhere) and the tarozarc seems to expose my skin more so that nothing gets stuck. We are all built differently, so at least you found
  7. Hi. This is normal. The best way to get advise would be to visit a dermatologist in your area. I would recommend to visit multiple ones before settling on one because some doctors are looking to line their pockets. When it comes to scars, they will offer treatments/procedures. Try to stay away from permanent procedures that you can’t undo without a lot of research and exhausting other scar revision methods. This may get expensive depending on a lot of factors. No doctor has the same price for al
  8. Does it have alcohol? Most spray bottles have alcohol in it such as sunscreen in a spray bottle.
  9. I appreciate your comment. They appear that way. My goal would be to get at least two strong lasers a year to trigger collagen formation and continue remodeling the scars on top. It looks like the scars are more surface level minus the one on my right cheek that has one medium boxcar scar and also on my left cheek there is two smaller boxcar sized near my ear. I hope three years from now my scars are even more remodeled. I truly believe it’s possible and yeah I might too optimistic and delusiona
  10. Correct. I didn’t see that major improvement in my skin until maybe about 5 months ago. And I looked at my older scar photos and saw just how far I came. Always take pictures. Unfortunately all my photos are at different lighting and different years but that’s all I got.
  11. To be frank, I don’t think that I know this. I don’t know what was the spark that finally lit the fire. I will say that I felt erbium reduced the appearance of my scars by a drastic amount. But perhaps subcision and Infini helped but I think Infini was quite underwhelming. Erbium and Co2 is what the science talks about a lot. It’s just Co2 is less profit for doctors and also the risk of a bad reaction for darker skin types (doctors don’t want to be sued). But I feel Co2 is the best weapon from w
  12. Yes. 2017-2020: microneedling at home from 2.0 - 3.5 mm (device cost $50 and the cartridges were I think 50 pieces for $20) I used to microneedle every week (crazy) to make the swelling appear and my scars “disappear”. I didn’t realize that I was actually causing more damage to my tissue than I realized. So please microneedle if you know what you are doing and if the science backs it. I’m suspicious of microneedling now that I feel I was injuring my skin and causing it to never really
  13. Yes looking back at the photos it definitely seems like around 60%. It’s wild because the last few pictures were in late 2019 which I felt I had not progressed much. But it wasn’t until a year later where I felt I actually improved a lot. I would say 50% improvement, I still have to take 3 month progress pictures for the treatment I did in March of 2021 (erbium). I’ll take them in two weeks.
  14. Here is a thread I made that has all photos from my scar journey throughout the years. It’s simply a photo thread. Feel free to view and ask leave questions or comments!
  15. I posted my acne scar journey with all treatments detailed from 2017-2021 but I never got to show the pictures I took over the years. So this thread is all the pictures I took and kept.... beginning with my scars at their most organic level to my remodeled scars now. Some photos are during or a few days after procedures such as the white frosting from TCA cross or the crusting after an Infini procedure. A lot of time, pain and money was spend. A lot of tears. But I also enjoyed li
  16. It’s water retention in the mornings. Your body and face get swollen and hold water through out the night as you are laying down and not moving very much. As you live your day, you move and sweat and you release water from your body (urine) so yeah your face restores to its normal state as the day passes. Totally normal.
  17. Your skin looks great. I am not a doctor and seeking advise about your face should be taken with a grain of salt on the internet. Try scheduling a free consultation with a dermatologist, laser specialist or doctor who has knowledge in scars. In my opinion, (again, not a doctor) TCA cross might help. But TCA cross has some pigmentation issues after such as redness and sometimes hyperpigmentation (brown pigment) so be aware... the pigment subsides depending on how your skin heals, less exposu
  18. Thank you! I don’t want to provide names because I like to remain quite anonymous. Try discussing with your local doctors/specialists what you desire from the erbium laser and at what depth and how many passes and usually the specialist will compromise if it’s compatible with your skin type and ability to heal. Be bold. Tell them what you want and back it with research. If one doesn’t change its methods for you, go to another one. *this is my opinion, I am not a doctor.
  19. You are here to express yourself, find potential solutions from people going through the same thing you are going through and to be heard. I’m here for the same reasons. I’m here to listen. I’m here to inspire. I read a post not to long ago about someone wanting to take their life over scars, it broke my heart. That’s my mission here, my little tiny effort to give kindness and hope to people deeply struggling emotionally with their appearance after acne. Perhaps I’m quite dramatic and sensitive
  20. Did you see a dermatologist yet? Your skin looks great. There is a lot of potential for improvement. You look fairly young from the shape of your neck so improvement shouldn’t be impossible. Visit a dermatologist and see what can be offered as a response to your scarring. But to your point, yes scarring can take a severe toll on positive thinking and self-esteem. I have been down that rabbit hole quite a bit but it wasn’t the best use of my time. I say time because time is the only thi
  21. For “pie” do you mean the redness? If so, the redness subsides over time as your body heals and the skin you treated is not inflamed. I’m still applying the hydroquinone a few times a week and it makes my skin really red and inflamed as it’s trying to change or prevent darker pigment so it’s expected. A dermatologist told me that when the skin is red, it’s sensitive to sunlight and that if you go in the sun with the red skin, the sun will damage it and cause hyperpigmentation, so for those who h
  22. It might be Hormonal acne or acne related to environmental factors (such as hot climate mixed in with genetics that produce a lot of sebum in sweat glands which then can produce acne) or it could be food that triggers acne, apparently something to do with gut bacteria and digestive enzymes that don’t react well and then your skin breaks out. So my point being, age 40 would not be exempt from experiencing acne. some people take accutane, I haven’t. I heard it has severe side effects. I’
  23. Very nice! Yes, doctors have told the same thing to me about vitamin e and bruising. I think it’s mostly before the procedure that doctors request the patient stops vitamin e intake because they end up bleeding without stop during procedures (correct me if I’m wrong). “More bruising better results” that’s a question I’ll research for sure haha. I’ve heard of collagen pills... the issue is I can't tell if its gimmicky or if it actually produces more collagen in the body, but e
  24. Haha! Oh yes! Which ones are you taking? I used to take MSM powder, oregano oil in capsules, fish oil in capsules, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin d3 that you store in fridge, vitamin A, melatonin, zinc and a few others I can’t really recall. I used to get bad irritations for hours like my skin itching all over or felt nauseous or got headaches and I still took the vitamins everyday! Holy cow. I had even bought this giant vitamin book about which vitamins absorb better than others when taken toget