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  1. hi. you are beautiful. try consulting with a few dermatologists or facial scar experts on what your options are for your specific case. Generally, from the photos you provided, I don’t see much there but the little ones that i do see could benefit from punch excisions from a dermatologist or as others have suggested TCA combined with a resurfacing laser like Co2. There are definitely risks to consider either way, such as the punches not healing ideally and other factors that could worsen your cu
  2. Go to a scar revision expert in your area. sometimes re-excising the old scar more efficiently produces a better result. Weigh the risks too. It could be worse depending on a variety of factors. Consult with multiple scar revision experts before deciding and try to have some basic knowledge on scar revision techniques so that you can have questions prepared or an idea of how scar revision may work or not work for you. My point being, knowledge is power. Also, Examine their before and afters on s
  3. Good question, I'm still using them every night. I noticed they make my skin red at the area. I generally think they are harmless to use but I'm not completely sure how effective they are. I'm not at my three month post excision yet. It's been about two months, I think. I got the excisions October 28th. 1) October 28th-Nov 28, 2) Nov 28-Dec 28th, 3) dec 28-jan 28. By January 28th, it should be three full months. I am getting the one that when I smiled re-excised. Something about how the pun
  4. With him, yes. It's a larger portion of skin this time. It's the scars beside my dimple-like scar on the same cheek. Kind of like the mid-center of my left cheek. The excision would be the size of a small leaf? Obviously not to scale but to give you the picture of the shape of the excision and how wide it will be. Idk. I will update much more about it as it gets closer to the excision date.
  5. Update: I saw Dr. mascaro. We agreed on getting scars excised by him around March on my left cheek including my failed excision scar when i smile and then pixel laser at his office. I feel pretty content at the moment.
  6. Update: My left cheek, my worst side. Red arrows are excision scars. Here’s my skin so far. Still my left cheek. This is the excision of when I smile where it seems to show more. This is an update on that. Hopefully it becomes less noticeable. If not, I’m getting it excised again by someone else. We will see. Right cheek. This is the one that I used to have a huge boxscar on. It’s now that red dot. This side of my face
  7. That looks like burn scars. But yes, much more severe. I know, I was not stating you were on steroids, I was just referencing where I've seen acne like that before. Talk to a derm and ask about aczone (topical) or accutane (oral) mediciation to defeat the acne. In either case, once you get rid of the acne the appearance of your back should improve.
  8. I’ve seen cases like this with steroid users. Try aczone or accutane. Ask doctor about it. Your back is a severe case but I have seen it become worse. Seek attention as soon as possible.
  9. I saw that too on Instagram. He also has others that are interesting. Makes me have hope that perhaps I am only a few lasers away from my comfort point. I’m not a fan of fillers so it’s hard for me to see how she looked without the fillers. Fillers can disguise a lot. Not that it matters much, but I personally care how skin looks on its own with no spacer… I find it more objective. However, she is older so perhaps filler was needed for volume loss in general or she requested it. This is the issu
  10. Honestly I’m not sure if microneedling is worth it. I tried to follow the hype years ago and I don’t think it did anything significant. Then again, I did it at home and I did it very often. Who knows.
  11. I just want to add the laser I got last week took at least one week to fully recover from. I’m not used to this. I usually recovery in three-five days. This was 7-8 days. I hope the results are better because of the longer downtime. I had to use avene cilcafate cream instead of aquaphor and I barely broke out. So for anyone who struggles with acne post-procedure check that product out. It’s around $32, at least when I got it from my doctors office. I’m sleeping with silicone sheets on
  12. Thank you for post this. This is highly valuable. I will be following your journey.
  13. I am trying. Now that I am healed from the laser, I am continuing to use the silicone sheets, with vitamin c in the morning with sunscreen and tarzarc at night. I'll take pictures to update but I'm still swollen from the laser, so there is no real point in doing it now. I will wait perhaps around late december or so to update. Not sure. I still take pictures every other day to see if I see any changes or progress to compare in the future.