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  1. (1) secret Rf with subcision (4) Infini rf had to take anti-viral medication. Each RF treatment was $500. Originally the doctor was trying to charge me $950 each but I negotiated fairly well. The erbium laser was $600 but the doctor expressed her desire to charge more but I expressed I had very limited means, in which case both times we met in the middle. Most doctors bullshit about the finances, I walk away if the price does not match. I can’t tell if it helped or not but I gav
  2. TCA should be performed by a doctor but yes quite naive on my part. Some scars got wider and red for a while. I did RF microneeding such as Infini RF after a month of TCA procedure. I would not do TCA again unless by knowledgable doctor. Thank you, perhaps three years from now they will look better after getting a few erbium laser treatments starting in 2021. The journey is long and sometimes feels hopeless but I research procedures and doctors and then ask local doctors in my area to pe
  3. Microneedling: I started at 1.5mm and gradually increased up to 3.0mm, used hyaluronic acid as a glider. Yes I know what you mean about the appearance of firmness. Perhaps I remedied this concern by going to a doctor and getting RF or laser. I stopped microneedling, I don't know if it helped or not but I stopped completely as of May 2020. I think it makes the skin very sensitive, every time I would get a procedure with a doctor it would be unreasonably painful and I think it was due to the micro
  4. Acne Scar Journey from 2017 - 2020 so far (before and after photos) I have too many pictures to post of the journey through out the years but for now I will post the beginning photo (December 2017) and the current result (December 2020) Treatments I have done: (5) Microneedling RF less than two months of each other (July 2019 - May 2020) (2) subcisions (2017, 2019) (1) fraxel laser (2017) (1) erbium laser (June 2020) (30+) derrapen treatment