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  1. I just noticed that my new regimen is almost identical to the one I had when I began experimenting LOL. The only difference is the addition of the 5% BP, and the fact that I've been on this regimen for months now, as opposed to only a few weeks. For all of you who find BP 2.5% too mild and anything higher too irritating, try mixing it up like me, and you may be pleasantly surprised!!
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a long time, but it was time for me to update. I ended up ditching the persagel about 4 days after my last post, so August 15. I'm a little fuzzy on my exact experience, but I do remember that I broke out badly, and it became too irritating. I'll do my best to write down my experience accurately, but it's been a while. So, about August 15 I started using Stridex 2% alcohol free BHA pads and Neutrogena 2.5% BP, both twice a day. At first, I noticed that I was o
  3. The following are Dan's instructions: "10% glycolic acid plus licochalcone (Isolated Chinese licorice root extract) in a light feeling cream with a characteristic yellow color. Fragrance free and dye free. Approximate pH 4.0 - 4.1. While AHA is not required on the Acne.org Regimen, I still think everyone should have some around. I've kept some in my medicine cabinet for years now. For me it works wonders as a spot treatment and a back acne treatment. I also currently use it at night in place o
  4. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!! I just did the evaluation to see what they would recommend (and to confirm what most of us suspect is a rip off), and it's basically the same ingredients and formulations that can be found in countless other drugstore acne products. The only difference is that skinid is asking me to pay $40.00 for their 3 recommended products and I could get 3 comparable (and better products actually) for about $15 at the drugstore.
  5. OK, it's been about 17 days since my last post, so 2.5 weeks. I switched from the cetaphil daily moisturizer to my old Olay sensitive lotion with spf 15 because the skin colored bumps were not going anywhere and many of them were becoming inflamed. I tried this for about a week and I wasn't satisfied with the results. I decided that the panoxyl (even at 10%) was too mild - it wasn't drying enough, and I guess my skin needs to be a bit dried out in order to get rid of the skin colored bumps. I th
  6. So, I've been using Panoxyl AquaGel 10% for 5 weeks now. During the third and fourth weeks I got an awful breakout consisting of nodules and cysts, including a giant cyst on my jaw, near my chin, the likes of which I had never seen on my face before. I didn't know if it was an initial breakout, an irritation breakout or a preview of what was to come from my continued use of BP. My skin was soft and smooth, so it didn't make sense that it would be an irritation breakout - unless it was possible
  7. I've been using a thin layer of BP 10% 2x a day for 3 weeks and while my comedonal acne is almost completely resolved, I have about 10 nodular/cystic bumps all over my face - one is about half the size of a dime. I have been using cetaphil cream at night and cetaphil daily moisturizer in the morning and my skin feels soft and smooth (except for the bumps of course). Well, I definitely breakout in this type of acne when my skin is very irritated by harsh products, so I'm thinking the BP might b
  8. The following text is from a 1995 PUBMED article...it's a summary of BP studies and puts things in perspective....I don't know if more recent studies have shown a different result, but I haven't seen any... Topical benzoyl peroxide has been used in the treatment of acne for over 30 years, with no reports of adverse effects that could be related to skin carcinogenesis. Two case-control epidemiological studies have found a lack of association between the specific use of benzoyl peroxide and skin
  9. I check out that site frequently - the skin deep report section - and I've noticed that the so-called "highly dangerous" products are the ones with SA. The BP products that I've looked up (about 4) fall on the moderate part of the "danger" scale. I believe both BP and SA alone get a 7 rating [highly dangerous], but in their commercial formulations, the BP products I've looked up are rated between 3 and 5, or moderately dangerous. The scale is 1-10. I forgot to add that a cancer risk is only as
  10. I added the baby brush to my routine on June 10. A few days before this I had broken out in 3 large inflamed pimples - they were awful. I've been using it about every 2nd or 3rd day. The remains of my comedonal acne are still there, but many of them have become inflamed acne. Normally I would think that was an initial flare up, but it's that time of the month so I'm pretty sure most of it is my usual PMS acne. I also noticed that two new clusters of comedonal acne formed a few days ago. Either w
  11. Thanks, Cecilia. I also think my skin needs lots of exfoliation because those little skin colored bumps are so widespread on my face. I'll definitely stay away from the harsh scrubs from now on!
  12. Hi Cecilia, You wrote *might* - so, in your experience or others you know, has the addition of manual exfoliation to SA actually helped? I'm hesitant to try a scrub because irritation breaks me out...I've tried a white sugar scrub once or twice while on SA and it made my face hurt and turn red...I thought a mild scrub, with smooth beads might be different.... Thanks for your reply!
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm really bad at telling if a product broke me out. As far as I can tell, I only know that I break out from irritation or purging; on my nose from my glasses (just confirmed this yesterday!!); and from dirty pillows. As far as the Neutrogena makeup, I have no idea if it adds to my breakouts because my skin is broken out with or without. I haven't had the luxury of being clear and then breaking out after using this product...LOL.... PS: I usually don't pay much
  14. I have been using Neutrogena Visibly Even liquid foundation for several months (lately, only one or two times a week), and well, I recently checked the ingredients. It turns out that the 3rd ingredient is Ethylhexyl Palmitate,which is a 4 on the comedogenic scale. This makeup is marketed as noncomedogenic and I took it at face value because I trust Neutrogena, and it had pretty good reviews on MUA. That'll teach me..... I wonder if wearing it only a few times a week can do a lot of damage? I wo
  15. I'm slowly clearing up on SA 2x/day but I still have a lot of those tiny skin colored bumps all over my face and some of them turn into tiny papules and pustules. What can I do? Add a mild scrub every other day - will this even help? Also, I use Olay complete spf 15 which contains cetyl alcohol (2 on scale) - could this be the problem? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!