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  1. Hi everyone, I am interested in Enerjet as a treatment for my scarring. I've read a few reviews on here but everyone seems to stop posting without a final say in their results. i know it is effectively a filler treatment which means results are not permanent. But honestly, I would be happy with an improvement that I can top up and maintain. Is there a reason that not many people get Enerjet? Is it because it only offers temporary results that puts people off or is there another reason? I
  2. Nice going Kumar! Please keep us updated with your progress and images would be great. How is the swelling? Any bruising? Based on your feedback/results I may book my appointment for the end of Dec./Jan. So you liked the doctor? Did he over sell the product or push you into it? Good luck!
  3. Hi Kumar, Please do keep us updated. I had a consultation booked with Dr.Yang for the same procedure, but chickened out at the last moment. Can't wait to hear your feedback and thoughts. Good luck!
  4. I am pretty interested in this regime. Quick question - has anyone started to break out from the whey protein? I know I do breakout from dairy - so I try to not to eat any but of course whey is a form of dairy. Does it specifically have to be whey? Thanks
  5. I have been using a single needle which is 1.5 mm in depth. I think at least in my case I get the "popping" sound when the needle pierces my layers of skin. I don't think the sound actually means it is breaking up scar tissue. I am not saying that needling itself doesn't break up scar tissue but for me at least the sound is just more of piercing.
  6. So I have just used a single needle on some of my individual scars. I have read so much about the popping sound meaning you are breaking up scar tissue. I did get the popping sound on the scars and so to test the theory I used the single needle on a unscarred part of my face - where I have never even had acne before (therefore no chance of there being any scar tissue.) And I also got the popping sound.... Is the popping sound actually scar tissue breaking up or just the sound of the
  7. Hey everyone, So I have some scaring on my cheeks, which i think is a mixture of shallow and some deeper and some ice pick(what is considered shallow btw?) So for now I am just going to concentrate on treating the shallower scars, but I was just wondering if anyone has any recomendations? I have a feeling my derm just wants to make money, so to him whatever treatment earns him the most money - he will go with! So im considering retin-a, but hearing some mixed reviews, about scarring made wors
  8. Hey, so i am just wondering what type of scarring this is? And any treatments that could help reduce it? This is my cheek with light makeup on, which is somewhat covering the redness. Thanks!
  9. Hey, so i finished my accutane course nearly 2 months ago, and just have a few questions about retinin a.. would it be a good idea to on retinin a after accutane? I have an appointment with my derm in a few weeks but i just want to ask people who have actually had experience with actual acne also i have a question about my type of scarring.. basically when i feel my skin it feels completely smooth,however when i look in the mirror i am able to see how unsmooth it actually looks. its strange
  10. Hey everyone! i am starting accutane in april and was just wondering what kind of products i can use on my face? i have sensitive skin and i do not want to irritate it. Is it best to use natural faces washes? also can i still use benzoyl peroxide? do you also recommend any kind of vitamins like zinc? sorry i have lots of questions! Thank you! i thought it would be best to ask people who have experience, rather than my derm who just tells me what a doc is meant to! i hopee this stuff really w
  11. Okay so last year my derm told me i could go on accutane, i had never heard of it before, but agreed and started the pledge thing. But then as i researched it and i got too scared of the side effects and decieded not to do it at the last minute. It has been over a year and my skin is only getting worse.. so i have decieded to take accutane over the summer, where i will have 4 months off of school. My skin is completly covered in whiteheads that become cysts. So my face is constantly bumpy! an
  12. So i have heard the apple cider vinegar can help acne and the red marks left behind.. but am i meant to be drinking it, or dabbing it onto the red marks? If so do i mix it with anything? Does anyone know what i am meant to do with it? Thanks
  13. I have quite bad red marks left over from acne and am currently using tretinoin. I was just wondering if it was safe to tan (in the sun, not a tanning bed) I've heard that it can increase the redness of the marks, and i have also heard that it can help fade the marks. What do you think? Btw i don't "cook" myself in the sun, just so im not so pale! But obvs i don't want to increase the redness of my marks, i'm trying to fade them! Thanks!