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  1. i smoke every once in a while and i'd say that alcohol has more of an effect than pot
  2. Hello, just wondering good are the ingredients used in the products? like in the BP and moisturizer I see all these chemicals in their and stuff... Like how good is the quality to make the products thanks
  3. Hey, I really hope the SPF is here for the spring/summer.. Any words?
  4. i know i just feel really gay if i get caught... do you think someone would call me out on it if they looked at it? like say they had the guts could people know?
  5. HELP! i have a huge pimple and im a guy using cover up a MAMMOTH PIMPLE... how do i go upon this? i only have coverup nothing else, will people be able to tell i have it on?
  6. How should i use these 2 medications on a cystic pimple?
  7. Hello, I am Korean 21 Male and I was wondering why I am still getting pimples? I have almost no active acne, but I get like these weired scar things that are left over and my red marks seem permanent!! I am currently trying to use Komenuka Whitening Serum.. Anyone else try this stuff and how was it? I wish i fit into my stereotype of having good skin. Oh yeah and most of my acne is on the chin! and that is where my weired scab/scar/red mark thing is.. Does omega-3 help make my skin healthier an
  8. Hi i got bad acne and just wondering how many times in a day i can apply dans 2.5% BP to effectively get rid of it. right now im applying 6 times daily
  9. Hello, just wondering is BP made for getting rid of pimples and then applying the chemical? or is it made for when you dont have acne, but u put it on their to prevent it
  10. i didin't do it to hurt my self.. i did it to try to cut out the pimple because i can't stand it anymore. I'm also not in high school anymore. I'm an adult
  11. i know it was a stupid mistake.. i just had so much anger in me.. now i can only look back and cry more
  12. well I did the unimaginable.. i took a knife and tryed cutting a pimple out of my face.. after severe pain and anguish i only managed to severly hurt my self and now im crying .. it will never end