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  1. hey, i have acne, mostly on my back now. i do find myself touch my face now and then, but more than that i find myself picking my scalp daily mostly removing dead skin and Dandruff. i do find i have Dandruff(this is how it called?) on the head while looking in the mirror but tit doesnt itch much so i need to touch it yet i do. anybody know this phenomena? what can i do to stop?
  2. other then the emotional factors, i wanted to know if you feel "real" dirt while having your acne? ive had acne since 14 and im now 23(male) and although i dont have alot of spots on my face i still have oily skin. i also still have a good amount of acne on my back and ever since i remember, i felt physically uncomfortable. for eample itching, weird feeling while sweating and a general feeling of dirt. do you know what im talking about? also, i tend to sweat alot and stink my cloths pretty fas
  3. i wanted to ask, do you think there is a big difference between using regular organic apple vinegar and using the bragg one with the "mother"? im using a regular one for my bacne and although its been only a week+, and also im using antibiotics, ive seen a pretty good change. i wanted to know is using the bragg one will really boost the improvment. i know that people stated that you shouldnt use non-organic vinegar, yet i failed to find anything regarding the different of benefits of regular org
  4. i tried accutane 3 times(a few months each), antibiotic a few times, creams, zinc, head and shoulders and such...
  5. hello, im 22(almost 23, in march and im a male) and live outside the us. since i was 13+- i started having acne, including in the back which affected my self esteem very much and made my highschool a pretty bad and lonely experience. through the years i manage to do 3 accutane sessions, every time the acne came back and also a few antibiotic and even dans regime for some time. my bacne actually had me not removing my shirt and because of that my experiences with the other kind is very little. i
  6. guys thankf for all the replys. just to remember you, i do not look for a shampoo for acne treatment atm(like the h&d routine). im using min dos of roaccutane(10 mg) at the moment and started taking zinc a few days ago. i also got some soap that i will use on my back. all im looking for, is a "shampoo for life", one that is known to be harmless on your skin(if not helpfull), not when put locally, but when go down from your head to toe when you wash it out. cause again im pretty sure that ye
  7. btw guys is there a difference between classic h&d and h&d for men? cause i read that is the men h&d that has the most zinc in it.
  8. hey, i started treating(again) my bacne and my pretty oily face at the age of 22(male) where there are 2 roaccutane treatments behind my and now im in my third with very low dosage of 10 mg which seems to work after only 6 days. i also started taking zinc yesterday. for a long time, even years, while not actively treating my acne, i used some shampoos that washed from head to back and probabely didnt make my situation better but even worse. i heared alot about the classic head&shoulders, a
  9. wait, you have no insurance which means you pay load of money each visit/prescription you get? you can keep being "nice" trying not to offend, but remember you are the costumer, you pay the moeny(and in your ast alot, but even if you paid monthly 40 dollars, its still your money). its no wonder a family doctor will be less with the idea of giving you accutane as its a strong medication yet the derm probably gives it 100s of time a month. so you can either keep being nice and not offend your do
  10. good like to you man. i just hope for me that even dosages of 10-20mg (because of my fibromyalgia pains...) will help me get rid of the acne. i just cant go high as 40-60 or even 30 i think. thanks
  11. big thank you. anybody else can please help me?
  12. sorry for the dobule, but please guys i would like to get some help.
  13. bump.... can someone please answer My questions? thanks.
  14. oh the great america (: . i live in israel, and our medical insurance cost only 60-100 shekels a month+- which is 15-20 dollars. A SPECIALITY PHSICIAN WILL cost maybe 6-8 dollars for a visit. 10 mg package of roaccutane(30 pills) will cost 12 dollars maybe. but we dont have your food so were even (: (unless your food is the cause of acne...lol )
  15. hey, *btw accutane and roaccutane is the same, right? cause my previous time was *accutane. i started today taking roaccutane, im almost 22 and its my third try. im a male... i took accutane for 5+- months a few years ago, and before roaccutane dont remember for houw long. unfortunately it helped buy my acne came back. i dont have much acne in the face although my face is very oily, but i motsly have it in my back. i tried for years to get rid of it incluidng with antibiotic and it always came