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  1. I always try first natural products if I have choice. 2 years ago I got prescribed medication for that type skin problem, and it help me. This time I was looking for something more natural and decided to try Emuaid. I didn’t see results as fast (24 hr ) as some people said, but I had larger area of severe bleeding sores. The pain and the itch stop almost immediately. After week of using ointment I saw the results. It heals completely and in shorter time then the ointment prescribe previously.
  2. Oh, try it. I think it will make you feel better. Good recommend! [Edited link out]
  3. I also suffer from severe oily skin and acne, not just on my face, but my entire body. Beauty by Earth Tea Tree Body Wash has helped tremendously with this issue. I love that it makes my face feel clean and doesn't leave a filmy residue at all when I use it on my oily face. It is great at drying up and reducing acne on my shoulders and back, also.