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  1. Hey there, I just wanted to drop a line to recommend Zinc and Vitamin E tablets as a really powerful double assault against acne. I started taking it a few months ago following some advice on here and acne is no longer a problem for me. I have been using the following Holland And Barrett products: Chelated Zinc 25mg Gluconate Vitamin E-400iu There are different strengths available, so you may want to try larger doses. I took Doxycycline before this which worked for a while, but then the acn
  2. I have found that zinc and vitamin E tablets go well together
  3. Hey Personally I think that growing a beard can irritate the skin and cause an increase in acne. Just my two cents!
  4. HI there, please bear with me on this. Ok, I have OCD and this led to me developing a nervous twitch when I was quite young. I used to get teased about this and so to try and stop myself doing this I started squeezing my eyes really tight when I was making eye contact with people. This kind of worked. However, I now cannot stop squeezing my eyes and I think I'm starting to do some damage to my eyes. They often hurt and my vision is deteriorating a bit. I am starting to avoid social situations w
  5. Yep, I think that regular shaving helps acne. I use a single-blade razor and gillete shaving foam.
  6. Hi there, I have quite a lot of bumps in the shaving area on my face (cheeks and side of face) which are especially noticeable when I tilt my head to the light. Is this acne or is it something related to shaving which everyone gets? A while ago I worked out that regular shaving is much better for the skin than leaving hair to grow but I was wondering that perhaps I am now shaving too much and this is what is causinfg the irritation. What are these bumps? Has anyone else experienced this? Wha
  7. If Doxy worked how come you need to go onto Accutane now? At the moment I'm so disillusioned with everything - the regimen kinda worked but made my skin too dry, antibiotics worked for a bit and then my acne came back. Vitamin E and zinc has worked a bit tho. Its quite a good combination. But yeah... how come you're considering accutane?
  8. Hi there, How do do you make a baking soda mask and could I substitute baking soda for caster sugar or anything else cos I haven't got any baking soda? Thankyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  9. Has anyone had any long-term success with doxycycline? My experience was that I took it, it worked and then my acne came back - maybe even stronger than before. Has anyone got clear and STAYED clear on doxycycline cos I'm thinking about maybe going to get more antibiotics but I'm not sure. Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. I would shake his hand and then go and have a drink with him. Then I would ask him to explain how and why he gave me acne and I would tell him how much acne has dominated my life. Yeah, i'd give him a real guilt trip...
  11. No shit! I can't believe I said vitamin c - I meant vitamin E both times! Man, I'm an idiot. So yeah - anyone had any success with zinc and vitamin E?
  12. Has anyone had any success with a zinc and vitamin c combination. I've just started doing it cos I've heard its good. I'll let you know how it goes.