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  1. So true... the weather really does huh. especially now.. it's like so freaking warm even if you stay put indoor, less talk about even stepping out. But does hot weather really makes acne worse?? @pchic: You stayed in non-tropical countries before?
  2. I thought so too.. but surprisingly, this one seems alright to exfoliate everyday (in my case, yea). If yours do like... show signs of too much exfoliating through peeling skins or flakey ones, then try it every other day? Take an egg. Crack it up, then as you open the shell, open it slowly over a bowl and let the egg white slowly flow out. Of course, the yoke will flow out as well so you gotta be careful not to let it out. Alternatively, crack the egg, pour it into a bowl and scoop o
  3. Why not get Neutrogena: Acne On-The-Spot from any pharmacies or stores?
  4. Interesting! Thank you. Are you still using BS/ACV?
  5. what is apple cider vinegar? is it just vinegar plus water at a ratio of 1 to 8? It's vinegar yea.. but it comes in a bottle with the name Apple Cider Vinegar. You should be able to find them in the mart or those organic food stores. True, it's a little much work needed but still, it's worth a try. If it doesn't suit the face, then drop it. If it does, go ahead. Afterall, it's once a day, in the night, when you have the time.
  6. Yeap, thanks Butch_. I just wanna give a try and see whether my skin can take it.. testing on a small area first or something. EDIT: Just wanna say that I just tried the regimen Delna recommended 5 minutes ago, but only the Baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar first on a test area --- my chin, with 2 pimple buddies at the moment but I doubt they are active because they've been there for a month no matter how many times I dabbed Neutrogena On-The-Spot (BP 2.5%) on it. I'm not a daredevil,
  7. Cool! Did it irritate your skin or anything? What products are you using along with this regime? You tried all or just BS and ACV? By the way, anyone that is on this regime, can you all take a picture of how the mixture for the eggwhite mask looks like??? Pleasee?? Thanks thanks!!
  8. Hi all, I've been on the regime all this while (close to a year) but recently, my skin turned reallly realllllyy sensitive. (it flakes, it itches after I moisturize and reddens up soo badly, it last for the next 24 hours). I don't know what happen... but at least I know it's the time to change my current moisturizer now, and cleanser, if needed. I need something affordable as well as... I think I'll go with something organic as well but I'm not good with organic products, so I need your views
  9. Are you still on board Delna? :) Just wondering.. :P take care!

  10. Reading through about 13 pages of this thread and seeing the amount of success stories from people, at one time I'm really suspecting about it at yet at the same time I really want to give a try, at least one at it. So, I guess I'll give a shot at this regime tomorrow.. and see how the first effect will be. I'll need to get ACV first though... but I'm really unsure about this so, I'm going to experiment it on a small area on my face --- the chin, and it has a couple of pimples on it, less serio
  11. Hi, How was Oxy? I've been using Neutrogena On-The-Spot all the way, even till now! It's good, if you don't rub it all over the face. Just dabbing on the pimples. But I can't settle down with a proper cleanser or moisturizer. My face either oils up too much after the moisturizer or dries up immediately after cleansing. I really don't know what to do now... The current moisturizer I'm on started to have an opposite effect lately (I've been on it for about 5 months or so). It dries up
  12. Wow Jason! Your skin can handle BP's irritation? My first month of the regime was like yours too, sunburnt skin redness, skin peeling blah blah. It made me hate getting under the sun. What really surprised me is that it clears your skin up! Perhaps getting Dan's products is better than getting over-the-shelf from stores because mine (my regime) didn't work very well that it clears up my skin. My acne sure lessen down than before but the marks and scars are around definitely plus pores are visib
  13. Hello there, fellow Singaporeans! I've been on the regimen for a while too before school started. That was like last year, in April or so. No, I didn't use Dan's product. I was pretty much afraid to get it because I didn't know if I would get any irritation so I went to get mine off Guardian's shelf or whatever I can find similar to what was mentioned here. Plus, I can't get stuffs online either. I'm a combi-to-oily face person. And the first time I get those products was my very first tim