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  1. Right now I take a shower, wash my face, use BP, then use Moisturizer. If I want to try out the Alpha Hydroxy Acid, should I now shower, wash face, use Alpha, then BP, but not the moisturizer at the end?
  2. I'm a novice at this sort of stuff, but I was just wondering, if I ate just the noodles without the seasoning will I be avoiding all that fat?
  3. man, it looks like Boots doesn't deliver to the US. Anywhere else I could get them?
  4. Wind Waker-any noticable results yet? Or did you order it online?
  5. If I used Pro Activ during the week and BP Gel on the weekends, is that dangerous or anything? The reason I ask is I only have access to Pro Activ during the week (weird, I know).
  6. That's what I've been using for probably close to 3 years now. In general, would I be better of with something else?
  7. If you're like me, and your in HS and your parents buy all the groceries, yea, it's hard to stop eating junk food. Anyway, here's my diet that I find satisfying. (BTW, I drink nothing but water) Breakfast-2 eggos, maybe a slice of turkey Lunch-Turkey sandwich, carrots, and something like Triscuits, Wheat Thins, or Saltine crackers Dinner-When I fix my own dinner, it's usually something like chicken patty, or a couple bowls of cereal, or maybe rice. When my parents fix it, sometimes it's some
  8. does it have any major/possible effect on it?
  9. Jade-so sugarless gum is still bad?
  10. I don't consume many foods that contain either vitamin, and am thinking about starting some supplements. Would these be helpful in healing skin?
  11. I don't consume many foods that contain either vitamin, and am thinking about starting some supplements. Would these be helpful in healing skin?
  12. I'm not sure what's in egg rolls, but I like them. Are there any potential breakout ingredients in them?
  13. I haven't drank milk and have avoided dairy products for about 6 months now. Am I missing out on anything that might help improve my face, and if so, what should I try eating/drinking?
  14. I tasted it and didn't think it was bad at all. Then again, I've drank nothing but water for the last 6 months or so.
  15. Is this safe to drink? It only has 2 g of sugar, but is there other stuff in it that makes it something that should be avoided?
  16. OK, stay with me here. Two weeks ago to the date I had a pretty big meal with lots of fat, carbs, etc, but for the rest of that week up until the next SATURDAY I followed my lower carb diet. From that Saturday up until THIS MORNING I followed a pretty high-carb diet, and last night and this morning I had a ton of cinnamon rolls, but other than that it was a high-carb/low sugar diet. I'm going back onto my lower-carb diet this afternoon and will stay on it until early-September, and that is the t
  17. I'm probably as clear as I have been in a long time, this is probably 5 weeks into my lower carb diet. But for the last 2 weeks or so I've been eating whatever I want, no limit to carbs or sugar (although I'm still avoiding caffeine), and at the end of August/early-September I'll know if my acne is affected by diet.
  18. For about 3 weeks, I really limited my carb intake, and it was usually around 75-150g a day, and that is pretty low for me. I generally avoided products that raise then insulin level as much as possible, though not entirely. As a result, after 2-3 weeks, I didn't have a major breakout, and really only a few isolated zits. This may be due to my limiting carbs, but I've also completely eliminated dairy products from my diet for the last 5 weeks or so. From 8/9-8/31, however, I will not be limiting
  19. It seems like the most widely accepted dietary link to acne mentioned here is the high carb (wheat, pasta etc.) diet. Some days I'm pretty motivated to maintain a low-carb lifestyle because I think it may help my acne, but other days I feel like it's not going to affect my acne. Right now, every few days or so I may get a new zit or two, but my main problem is just the red spots that cover a good area of my cheeks, and I'm not sure how much a different diet will help reduce redness. Coming from
  20. do you have a healthy diet? more specifically, do you avoid breads and pasta?
  21. Like if your face itches, is it OK to itch it with your shirt? Or like a tissue or toilet paper? I've just assumed that when you're told not to touch your face, it's meant to not touch your face with your hands.
  22. I'm in the same boat as you Uncle Buck. I've had acne about 4 years now (I'll be 18 in December) and since age 16 or so I've cut out products high in sugar and fat, and more recently I've started cutting back on breads, pastas, etc., and drinking more water (I've actually done Caroline's water approach the last 2 days and will probably do it for the rest of the week). I've been on the Regimen since March, and I guess it's helped my skin, but I'm still far from completely clear and I'm starting t