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  1. My mom got a free sample of "Spot Healing Gel" and it is salicylic acid. Does anyone else use this?
  2. It's been at least 2 years since I've drank any kind of juice, as I've been afraid the high sugar content would cause me to break out. But I've been wondering, since it comes from a fruit, and it's OK to eat fruit, is it OK to drink juice?
  3. I used to have moderate acne and am down to mild acne now. For the past few months, I might have had an isolated zit or two on the right side of my face, but nothing too bad. On my left side, however, it seems like I'm getting a couple new ones every week or so. Is this progress? I'm thinking it might be from me sleeping on the left side of my face, but I usually try to sleep on my back and I really don't think I sleep on my left side any more than my right.
  4. My parents reccomended that I take Vitamin E to help clear up my skin, but I looked on the ingredients of the supplement and one of the ingredients was refined soybean oil. Is this product OK?
  5. how long did it take you to get clear with that method?
  6. I went nuts on cookies and burgers today for a stupid ass reason. anyway, should I expect a worse breakout than I would have had if I had a moderate amount of cookies and like one burger?
  7. does anyone know if marijuana has any negative effects on acne? I don't drink because many people here have said thats a cause for acne, but what about marijuana?
  8. or is it OK to eat products that say they have wheat ingredients w/ out wheat gluten being listed?
  9. I just saw a post where someone said tap water should be avoided because it may cause acne, is this true?
  10. For ex., I'm fixing a bowl of Uncle Ben's rice and each serving contains like 33% of the daily reccomended intake of Sodium. Does this mean it's high in iodine, thus being a food that I should not be eating?
  11. What are you doing about the red marks? I probably get like 1-2 isolated zits a week, nothing major, and am pretty much just dealing with the red spots now.
  12. other than skin drying out, which mine doesn't too bad after putting AHA over a good area of my face, are there any risks of using AHA on your whole face?
  13. so is a high intake of it going to cause acne?
  14. Some people have said to avoid foods high in sodium because it has an affect on your acne. Is this true?
  15. I'm using Cetaphil with SPF something or other.
  16. I moisturize in the morning and evening--is there any chance that moisturizing twice daily could be causing breakouts?
  17. so is the function of removing dead skin more to prevent breakouts, or to reduce redness?
  18. I hear people use this term quite a bit, but I don't know what it is. So what is it, and how is it applied to acne?
  19. Dan-should the AHA replace the moisturizer? Or is it still reccomended to moisturize after applying the BP?