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  1. HI, I ve just been proscribed duac and have been using it for about three days, in combination with differin gel at night. I'm starting to go red in my face and wondering how long this will last for , and if it will go away if i persist with the medication. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Your skin situation sounds very similar to mine. I have a lot of brown marks and a variety of ick-pick scars and very large pores. I'm in my 6th ish week of differin: i ve defiantly noticed an improvemnet but am not irritated out either. My nose gets that shiny oily look after i wash too. but only on my nose!!!! I always thought it was just because it was really clean... there is quite alot of conflicting advice on these boards but Ive been told too wait, and not worry if i don't suffer to
  3. NOOOOOOOOO! :surprised: no -really... i read somewhere that st ives is really bad for your skin and "rips it"... though u may not see it at the tiime you'll do some damage if you use something as harsh as this with your treatment. if you must try a hot flannel or something very very mild but i would leave it. i ve read that you can get an ib or peel a long time into your treatment on diff
  4. !!!! that was quick!!!!! its really hard to get mineral/powder sun block i the uk. I'm not aware of a single brand here yet, ... were are only just starting to get adverts for bare minerals... thanks for the recommendation though. does anyone else have advice on brands or general advice?
  5. Hi, I ve been on differin for about 6 weeks now. I Live in london, England - and am not used to the sun. ;-) anyway our summer is finally coming after a very dark cold and wet winter, and i'm getting nervous about my daily routine which has been working well up to now. here it is: am - wash with gentle cleanser and moisturize with non-com. spf 15 oil free product eve - wash same as abouve and diff. 0.3 here are my questions - should i avoid getting sun on my face? can i / should i incrase
  6. Hi All ... Thanks for answering my question. I think in hindsight i was getting a bit over eager. I mean, the differin is defiantly working but i'm still not peeling yet. I ve decided to wait a lot longer and see what happens rather than going on a stronger dosage and making myself go red. My skin is still far far far from perfect or acne free but i think that i can wait. Good news is thats i ve had no large cysts and little inflamed acne since i ve been using it, so thats got to be good. asi
  7. hi, i ve been usuing differin 0.3 for about 4 weeks now, and i ve started to nice a difference i have little no no new spots, which is great... however ..... i havent had an ib yet, only had a tiny amount of redness, and little to no peel. i ve read on some other posts that not everyone peels or goes red, and that for some people it takes a long time. But i ve also raed the interview sticky with dr fulton which says that if you re not peeling its not working. all these things conflict each ot
  8. Thanks for the tip. Do have any experience with their eyeshadows or eye liners?
  9. I'm also experiencing this with diferin 0.3 - increase in oillyness and i've stopped peeling and redness, though i did have little of this to begin with... can anyone advise on this problem, i'm starting to think i should get a stronger gel i also have started using a heavy moisturizer in the am's only - neutragena ultimate moisturiser
  10. weeks3-4 i ve lost sense of time a little but i think this is somewhere in the third to fourth week: somethings i ve noticed. very little new acne, and when spot do form they are tiny! no new cysts! no acne around my period! yayay nose is pretty oily little to zero redness... hmmm no difference in fine lines or pores... booooo little to no flaking stubborn dormant little lumps are slowly drying out and i'm able to pop them a few tiny spider veins on my nose .. hmmmm not really sure wha
  11. if that doesnt work try blinc eyeliner. it will not budge. at all. ever. i think they do it inpurple too. I wear liquid eyeliner evryday and this is the best product ever http://www.blincinc.com/us/index.php
  12. thought i'd better write up some progress reports ... so here it is: end of week 2: i decided to risk 2 things, 1 - not slowing with differin application ( sorry sweetheart if i seemed rude not follwing yr adive, just over eager i guess and a bit foolish!) and 2) changing my moisturizer !!!! amazingly the neotrogena managed to stop the redness and flaking completely within 2 days... i did only have the beginnings of it but i think thats quite impressive. i also noticed that my skin was burn
  13. Thanks Kimba... i am going to oredr some testers to see... are you lot working for em though...?!!!! they should be paying you guys hahahhahah
  14. Hello all i have a few questions for you make up heads... am in the uk so i never heard about this product till i read this thread but now youve caught my interest.... here they are: does your face look powdery after application? how does it sit on larger pores? i read quite a few pages ( but not all 77 !!!!) i ve tried bare minerals and the minerals maybeline power, but i found bare minerals did not sit in my pores on my nose so giving my face a dotted look, the maybeline product ma